Trip and fall injuries

Caution tripping hazard sign on a wall

Many trip and fall injuries occur when people:

  • Trip and fall down stairs, especially when the stairs are not adequately lit.
  • Trip over an exposed concrete car stop while walking through a parking lot.
  • Fall over objects, such as exposed electrical cords, uneven ground surfaces, and exposed tree roots.

You can take these easy steps to reduce trip and fall accidents:

  • Remove extension cords, area rugs, pallets, or tripping hazards from walkways. If you must use an extension cord, route it away from walkways. As a last resort, tape the entire length of the cord to the floor.
  • Use duct tape that is highly visible.
  • Inspect your parking lot and repair holes in the asphalt.
  • If possible, remove concrete car stops or paint them in a highly visible color.
  • Make sure stairways are clean and free of tripping hazards. Make sure carpeting is secured and non-skid treads are applied to bare steps. Increase lighting on stairs and in dark walkways.
  • Clean up! Remove clutter and boxes, especially from stairs and high-traffic areas.
  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Inspect your property. Fill holes and depressions around your property, and remove exposed tree roots or drainage pipes. If a fall occurs, inspect the area immediately.
  • Remove any hazards and inspect your premises for any similar hazards that need to be corrected.
Caution tripping hazard sign on a wall
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