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Company efforts to protect their employees

There are many recommendations for what companies can do to provide security to its employees in regards to policies, procedures and physical layout. Some of the following suggestions can be implemented at little or no cost:

  • Employ security guards.
  • Keep doors to the building and certain sections secured.
  • Install security cameras and silent alarms.
  • Provide good lighting, especially in hallways and parking areas.
  • Provide bulletproof barriers for people work with cash for the public.
  • Require name tags be worn by employees and visitors.
  • Have visitors sign in and out.
  • Offer counseling or other help to employees experiencing serious personal and emotional problems.

One of the most important steps for companies to take is to provide all employees with training in company security policies and measures. Also, it is advisable to review certain key signals that my identify a potentially dangerous situation.

Management commitment
The following components should be part of company efforts:

  • Demonstrate organizational concern for employee emotional and physical safety and health.
  • Assign responsibility for the various aspects of a workplace violence prevention program to ensure that all managers, supervisors and employees understand their obligations.
  • Support and implement appropriate recommendations from safety and health committees.
  • Clearly state that violence is not permitted or tolerated.
  • Require all employees to report assaults and threats to a supervisor.

The essential elements of a workplace prevention program includes management commitment, employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, and appropriate training.


  • There are many recommendations that can be implemented to provide security to the workplace.
  • One of the most important steps to protect employees is to provide training on company security policies and measures.
  • Management commitment includes:
    • Demonstrating concern for emotional and physical safety.
    • Assigning responsibilities.
    • Implementing appropriate recommendations.
    • Requiring employees to report threats
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