The ins and outs of door security

Implementing strategies to secure exterior doors are important safety measures.

Burn prevention when warming bottles

Part one of this two-part series on burn prevention in child care centers will focus on bottle warming and how the practice of warming baby bottles can lead to serious burn injuries to children.

Lease agreements: triple net lease

A triple net lease requires the tenant of the leased property to pay monthly rent as well as property taxes, property insurance, and to perform regular building maintenance.

Crime prevention tips for commercial child care centers

Management recognizes the importance of providing transportation to our clients and periodically using personal vehicles for various business purposes.

Child care back injury prevention

Safety guidelines for the most common tasks encountered in childcare centers.

Countermeasures to reduce vehicle crashes

Common causes of driver inattention, and how to reduce the risk of accidents.

Life safety for commercial child care centers

Life safety refers to protecting people from hazards based on building construction, protection, and occupancy features.

Commercial vehicle use policy sample

Polices to help reduce the risk of losses faced due to vehicle use for business.

Birthday parties: Protect your fun from potential injuries

Utilizing the following recommendations, you can help keep smiles on everyone’s faces.

Playground safety: Protective surfacing material

Protective surfacing under and around equipment is critical to reducing the severity of falls and life-threatening head trauma.