How to transport your bicycle safely

Learn how to pack a bike for travel--Markel Specialty shares the best bike racks for cars and the best cases for air travel.

Securing your bicycle while running errands

Even if you’re making a quick errand stop, it’s still important lock your bike. While at a crowded store, thieves often look for the easiest bicycle to steal.

4 reasons to get e-bike insurance for your electric bicycle

With ever-evolving e-bike technology, it’s more important than ever to have the right insurance protection for your e-bike. Markel offers a stand-alone electric bicycle policy designed specifically for e-bikes and offering coverage for e-bikes up to 750 watts.

Tips for a stolen bike

Find out what to do if your bike is stolen--Markel Specialty gives you tips on how to find a stolen bike using the stolen bike registry and other resources.

How much does e-bike insurance cost?

You may be surprised to learn that e-bike insurance isn’t as expensive as you think.

Tips for preventing e-bike fires

E-bike fires and explosions are on the rise due in large part due lithium-ion batteries left near a heat source or in direct sunlight.

Determining the insurance value of your horse

Horses are an investment and establishing the value is important to protect this investment.

Fire safety for barns -are your prepared?

Measures you can take to prevent fires or lessen their impact.

General liability horse insurance Who needs it? Why and when?

I run a training and boarding business from my barn, and also give lessons to non-boarders. What type of coverage is general liability horse insurance and do I need to be fully protected?

Transporting your horse

How can I reduce my risks when transporting my horse?