Resource articles

Vehicle maintenance

It is imperative that you maintain your vehicle to its highest standards in order to benefit from its safety features.

Vacation time

Everyone planning a vacation trip should plan well in advance for complete safety. This should include not only the vehicle that transports us to our vacation spot, but the safety and security of our unattended homes.

Emergency warning devices

Read more about emergency warning devices to help keep your drivers safe, brought to you by Markel Specialty.

Safe driving on superhighways

Get recommended techniques for freeway driving from Markel Specialty.

Fire safety for barns -are your prepared?

Measures you can take to prevent fires or lessen their impact.

Best practice-avoid wire fraud

You probably know someone who has had their email account compromised. Once this occurs, the information stored in the email account is no longer private or secure.

New technologies, new risks

EMS continues to evolve expanding the application of technology in fascinating ways.

Motor Fleet safety

Nine essential elements for driver safety programs.

What you need to know about Zika

CDC recommendations on Zika prevention.

Taking the stress out of heat

Protecting yourself from heat-related illnesses.