Resource articles

New member orientations

The importance of new member orientations.

Stop crime with Business Watch programs

Learn more about Business Watch programs to help reduce these commercial crimes.

Slip and fall prevention tips

Frequent inspections of floors, particularly entryway, bathroom, locker room and around water fountains, are important to the success of a good plan to prevent slip and falls.

Using effective waivers

Wavier planning and implementation.

Slips, trips, and falls: Claim mitigation

Preventing slips, trips, and falls of visitors to your business is as important as keeping your residents from falling

Locker room safety:  Preventing hazards before they happen

Monitoring a fitness club’s locker room with a consistent inspection program can help reduce the likelihood of it becoming a hazard zone.

Preventing lawsuits brought by employees and subcontractors

Using both types of workers requires careful planning to help prevent and prepare for potential lawsuits and their ability to defend lawsuits if they do happen.

Camera surveillance systems

Camera surveillance systems can help with crime prevention, liability claim defense, and accident prevention.

Protecting your business personal property: A crisis averted

Key guidelines for loss control strategies.

Inspection records

Information to include in inspection records.