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Staying in step: avoid collisions on the dance floor

Recommendations to help reduce potential collisions between students or dancers at your studio.

Emergency action plans for dance injuries

Catastrophic injuries are not a frequent occurrence at a dance studio, but unfortunately some do occur involving both students and guests. Often an effective response strategy is not in place.

You do more than just teach dance

In addition to technical dance instruction, dance teachers are responsible for providing a positive and safe learning environment.

Are you taking precautions against sexual abuse claims?

When headlines of this nature occur at an unfortunate frequency, any organization working with youth must create a culture where sexual abuse is discussed, addressed, and prevented.

Drive defensively

Learn how to teach your drivers to be defensive on the road, and reduce accidents and injuries.

Fatigue can be fatal

Find out how you can help your drivers combat fatigue, to ensure that they arrive safe and avoid accidents while out on the road.

Roads and weather

Rain, snow and wind make driving extremely hazardous. In fact, the adverse weather conditions create double trouble. Keep safe with these tips from Markel Specialty.

Seeing when driving at night

The accident rate during night time driving is considerable higher than during day time driving. One major factor is temporary blindness caused by the glare of headlights.

Take safety with you on vacation

“Easy does it” is the rule for vacation time. Peace of mind enhances the enjoyment of traveling more than frantic pressure to cover more miles with little appreciation of the route covered. And peace of mind can be destroyed by worry over failure to take care of essentials beforehand. Vacation planning is the answer.

Defensive driving

Access Markel Specialty's library of feelt safety and defensive driving resource materials.