Resource articles

How safe are your smoke detectors?

Common types of smoke alarms.

Inspecting your first-aid kit

A well stocked first-aid kit is an essential part of any safety program.

Inspection records

Information to include in inspection records.

Kitchen fires

Steps to protect your dining hall.

Emergency evacuations and exit routes

Find out how to stay safe with planning for emergency evacuations and exit routes, brought to you by Markel Specialty.

Supervision Supports Safety!

Maintaining appropriate student-to-instructor ratios.

Tips on protecting yourself from yourself

General tips on what to do when confronted with an injury to a child.

Is your aquatics staff ready for the summer?

Simple skills verification, plus an in-service training program will help you increase opportunities for staff to practice their skills.

Safe driving on superhighways

Get recommended techniques for freeway driving from Markel Specialty.

Workplace first-aid program

The goal of a First - Aid program is to provide emergency care for an injury before professional care is available.