Resource articles

Backing techniques

Techniques for backing up safely.

School bus safety

Learn the rules for sharing the road with school buses, and how to keep everyone safe on the road.

General liability horse insurance Who needs it? Why and when?

I run a training and boarding business from my barn, and also give lessons to non-boarders. What type of coverage is general liability horse insurance and do I need to be fully protected?

Violence in the workplace

How to protect yourself, treat and decontaminate your patients.

Teaching safe stretcher operations right the first time

There are many components of safe patient handling, such as, a review of proper body mechanics, choosing the right equipment, lifting techniques, and employee wellness that must be covered first.

Simply safe

A recent NIOSH study revealed that health care workers were not using respiratory protection properly. 98 hospitals and 1,500 personnel were involved. Personnel were watched while putting on and taking off respiratory protection.

Deer in the headlights

Deer season gives us a great opportunity to practice our defensive driving skills.

Does marijuana confuse you

The Workers Compensation Research Institute published as study last May that was based on 264,000 workers’ compensation claims. The study population was in 25 states. There were 1.5 million prescriptions associated with the claims.

Holiday reminder: careful with alcohol

Consider your approach to alcohol consumption as a personal health behavior.

Flu safety measures

Recommendations for healthcare workers