Resource articles

Severe weather

Resources to help you and your policyholders weather the storm

Protecting your business from equipment theft

Although theft is more likely to occur when the equipment is at the worksite, items can be stolen anywhere, so we must be attentive.

Suggested guidelines for incident report forms

It is highly recommended that an organization consult with their attorney or insurance company so they can develop an incident form that captures useful information that can serve as a positive tool for accident investigations.

Summertime: More sun, more fun, more injuries

Because of increased outdoor activities, children are at greater risk for injuries in the summer. Here are some tips to make your summer season safer:

The essential toolkit for your boat

Make sure you're prepared for emergency repairs with a carefully packed boat tool kit.

National Safety Month

This month's featured risk management articles focus on National Safety Month.

Is your property insured to its current value?

Steps to limit the possibility of your building being under-insured.

Long term care safety checklist

Review Markel Specialty's long term care safety checklist.

Fighting driver fatigue

Driving while fatigued is a major cause of accidents out on the road. Find out how you can fight driver fatigue with these tips from Markel Specialty.

Traffic signs and signals

If all drivers would realize the importance of traffic signs and signals, and would observe them to the letter, driving would be a much happier experience.