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Playground safety

Four key areas to significantly reduce the risk of injury on the playground - supervision, age appropriate equipment design, fall zones, and material types.

Treadmill safety

Health and fitness centers are well-advised to establish treadmill safety policies and procedures to reduce the risk of injury to their members.

Do you have an emergency action plan for dance injuries?

Establishing and practicing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Summer safety

A culture of safety requires that you ingrain safe behaviors so that they become habits. You are not truly safe if you do not engage in safe behaviors 24/7.

Notable news alert

NFPA offers barn-fire safety checklist.

Facilities and disease control

What trusted-source, best practices should I consider for disease control?

Celebrate Independence Day

Would you like to be free from worrying about your business being sued? As our nation celebrates Independence Day you can take steps to free your business from unnecessary claims and litigation.

AAP and trampoline safety

Recommendations for trampoline safety in your facility.

Keep valuables safe on your boat

Boating is a fun and relaxing way to unwind. The last thing you want to worry about when on the water is losing any valuables you bring onboard. Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your valuables as safe as possible when on the water.

New perspectives for the new year

It is common knowledge that EMS is a dangerous profession. Recent work from the joint efforts of the CDC and NIOSH published last July offers insight you may find surprising.