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On the job alertness, fatigue and performance in EMS

Sustained performance as it may be affected by degraded levels of alertness, drowsiness and fatigue.

Common Q&As about insuring a foal

Markel answers common questions about insuring a foal.

Tragedy prevention

Strategies the may help prevent EMS burnout and depression.

Infection reflections

Although the likelihood of Ebola in the United States is minimal, the CDC has taken precautions.

Preparing for your wedding during hurricane season

Are you planning your wedding during hurricane season on the coast or in an area where hurricanes can make landfall? If so, there are some important things to think about and precautionary measures you should take as you plan for your big day. We’ve put together some tips to help you along the way.

How safe are your smoke detectors? 

A number of fire safety experts are questioning whether popular models of smoke detectors meet the threat of fast-burning synthetic materials now common in many facilities.

Guidelines for a school safety program 

Guidelines to compare a school's existing safety program features to see if they meet minimal standards.

Playing it safe with age-appropriate playground equipment

Guidelines for age-appropriate playground equipment.

Playground safety: The dirty dozen

The National Playground Safety Institute (NSPI) has identified 12 of the leading causes of injuries on playgrounds, which they call the “Dirty Dozen.”

Reusing child-safety seats after a minor accident

Conditions to reuse child-safety seats.