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Pay attention at the wheel!

Steps to reduce the possibility of accidents.


How to protect yourself, treat and decontaminate your patients.

Setting the stage for recital safety

Precautions to reduce tripping hazards.

How-to marketing guide for your business

Don’t have a marketing plan, or know where to start on creating one? Marketing plans are essential to any business. Creating an annual marketing plan will help you set clear goals that align with your overall business strategy. This helps to bring in the business and revenue you desire. We’ve put together 10 things to keep in mind when creating a marketing plan to get you started on the right track.

35 questions to ask your wedding DJ

Are they going to play that one song you hate? Here are 35 questions to ask your wedding DJ to make sure you have the best music at your wedding!

Tips for traveling with your wedding dress

Planning a destination wedding? Find out how to keep your dress in top condition with Markel's tips on traveling or flying with your wedding dress!

How to plan a wedding reception

After you've chosen your wedding reception venue, you may wonder what to do next! Here's a list of tips to help you plan the perfect wedding reception.

Picture perfect photos for your wedding

With a little planning, you can get exactly the pictures you want of your big day--Check out these great ideas for planning your wedding photos!

What you should know about employment-at-will

Implications and ramifications employment-at-will has with regard to the employment relationship.

Reducing slip, trip and fall accidents

Easy steps to reduce slip, trip and fall accidents.