Cheer loss control news

Learn more about concussion awareness and discounted background check services.

How Does Your Cheer Program’s Safety Strategy Stack Up?

Keeping your cheer program injury free is a key component to making it fun for all participants. Understanding types of injuries and their root causes can help.

Take a grand jete in accident prevention

Implementing a corrective action plan.

Supervision means safety

As outlined by Successful Coaching, Third Edition, there are nine legal duties a coach is responsible for performing:.

Preventing tumbling injuries in cheerleading

Back handsprings cause the most tumbling injuries, and require spotters to be both experienced and vigilant when supervising this activity.

Stretching out the kinks

Sports injuries are frequently related to the stretching participants conduct before and after the activity.

Ensure more fun with less risk at your gymnastic facility

Tips to prevent accidents in your gymnastic facility.

Waiver safety

Waivers can be effective business tools if used in the proper context. Good waivers require careful planning and implementation.

Using foam pits with safety in mind may help reduce the likelihood of a major injury

The USA Gymnastics Risk Management Safety Course Handbook offers the following guidelines for use of foam pits.

Concussions in dance

Information to educate you and your instructors/teachers on concussion exposures.