Resource articles

How hot is too hot?

Tips for preventing heat-related illness.

Poker run safety

Before you sign up for a boat poker run read these Marine Insurance specialist safety tips. Markel has 30+ years of boat insurance expertise!

Basic bicycle maintenance tips

Get bike maintenance tips to keep your bicycle in top shape for your next ride!

Resbalones, tropiezos y caídas en las Guarderías de Niños en el Hogar

Considere lo siguiente para reducir el riesgo de resbalones y caídas dentro de su centro de cuidado de niños ubicado en casa

Commercial vehicle use policy sample

Polices to help reduce the risk of losses faced due to vehicle use for business.

Bookcases, cubbies and other falling objects

Tips to avoid bookcase and cubby injuries.

Child care back injury prevention

Safety guidelines for the most common tasks encountered in childcare centers.

In home child care slip, trips, and falls

Consider the following to reduce the risk of slips and falls within your home based child care center.

Notable news alert

Guidance for protecting workers from occupational exposure to Zika virus.

CNN Special Report presents - Ambulance safety

Visit our page to learn more about ambulance safety and our Arrive Alive & Do No Harm training.