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Winter weather is coming! Are you prepared?

Articles to review in preparation for the upcoming winter storm hitting the Northeast this week.

CNN Special Report presents - Ambulance safety

Visit our page to learn more about ambulance safety and our Arrive Alive & Do No Harm training.

Life in the fast lane causes accidents

Tips to avoid aggressive driving.


The three main factors that contribute to hydroplaning.

Suffering from burnout? Sleep on it!

The three components of burnout.

School inspection guidelines 

Some school administrators have no policy on school inspections but rather expect teachers, janitors, students, and administration personnel to call attention to problems as they are identified. While this may work at a rare number of schools or businesses a better policy is to have regularly scheduled inspections.


It is estimated that we who are not involved in crashes, pay for more than three-quarters of all crash related costs. The costs come from higher insurance premiums, taxes, travel delays, and excess fuel consumption related to traffic delays.

Stephen Leeret joins Markel Specialty as head of its programs business

Markel Specialty, a division of Markel Corporation (NYSE: MKL), announced today that Stephen Leeret has joined the company and will be leading its delegated authority programs business.

Over the counter encounters

Serious issues regarding over the counter drugs (OCTs) have arisen. This article contains suggestions on how to use OTCs more safely.

Thoughts for food

As medical transportation providers we need to be aware of the common causes of foodborne illnesses in our professional and personal lives.