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Safe supervision at the pool

When it comes to pool supervision, the more eyes the better. All pool and swimming activities should have at least one attentive, certified lifeguard present. It is important that you consult your state licensing standards for guidance and to ensure compliance with pool or other water activities.

Notable news alert

Learn more about the Sargent Art's craft paints recall.

The ins and outs of door security

Implementing strategies to secure exterior doors are important safety measures.

Staying in step: avoid collisions on the dance floor

Recommendations to help reduce potential collisions between students or dancers at your studio.

New alert!

Even though the impact of hurricanes is largely unpredictable, there are ways to prepare your organization and your employees.

In home child care slip, trips, and falls

Consider the following to reduce the risk of slips and falls within your home based child care center.

Better supervision means fewer injuries and claims

Inadequate supervision results in an increased number of injuries and claims.

Safety checking your martial arts school

Conducting a periodic analysis of your school’s operational policies helps to maintain a safe environment for your students.

Commercial fryer hazards

Whether preparing traditional items like French fries and fried chicken, or novelty foods like fried ice cream and deep fried spaghetti, commercial fryers are essential pieces of equipment in many restaurants.

General health inspection grading

Health inspection grad- ing systems follow time honored methods that communicate to managers and the public how good a job your establishment is doing.