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Boys & Girls Club loss control news

Learn more about the distinction between service animals, emotional support animals, and pets as well as the importance of electronic health record readiness

Beach wedding ideas

Having your wedding on the beach? Or just having a beach-themed wedding? Markel offers 15 ideas to keep in mind for your beach wedding.

Five tips for buying business insurance

Steps to assess what types of insurance are best for your business, and how to secure coverage to provide adequate protection and minimize risks. A BOP combines typical coverage options into a standard package.

Five types of business insurance you should consider in addition to workers compensation

There are many different kinds of business insurance coverages, and the cost and amount of coverage of policies vary among insurers. Contact a Markel Specialty agent to discuss your needs today.

Hazards during landscaping work

A brief look at some of the hazards landscapers face.

7 Fall wedding ideas

From colors and decorations to photos and menus, find great wedding ideas for Fall here!

How to properly clean your bike chain

Markel teaches you how to clean your bike chain properly and why cleaning your bike chain will ensure top performance of your bicycle.

Bicycle theft in the U.S.

Bicycle theft prevention is more than just bike locks. Check out Markel's 6 easy ways to help prevent bicycle theft & increase your bicycle security today!

Spontaneous games: not so harmless

While spontaneous games help to make time go by and help create entertainment, they can result in severe injuries.

Plan a perfect reception your wedding guests will never forget

Planning a wedding doesn't end with the ceremony. Wedding decorations, wedding favors & more are vital for the perfect wedding reception. Find tips here!