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Safety culture

Businesses with strong safety culture tend to experience low levels of risky behavior and low accident rates, turnover and absenteeism, as well as high productivity.

Screening transportation program applicants using Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)

Employers must evaluate information on an MVR in order to determine employability for anyone that may be driving a program vehicle.

The weather is nice. It’s time to hit the playground, softly!

Acceptable systems for creating a safer play surface.

Staying in step: Avoid collisions on the dance floor

Recommendations to help reduce potential collisions between students or dancers.

Is your camp ready for winter?

Risk management strategies that provide the greatest impact during adverse weather.

The importance of regular motorcycle inspections

Taking pride in your motorcycle means more than just washing and detailing it. You should also perform regular inspections to make sure that your motorcycle is operating safely.

Playground injuries

In general, the most common causes of playground injury are falls from raised playground equipment or collisions with another child

Boat navigation 101

There are many tools to help you navigate your boat so that you can safely and efficiently reach your destination. Markel offers some basic tips in a quick introduction on the different boat navigation tools available to help you on your way.

Tips to winterize your boat

Read these top 10 boat winterization tips to make sure your boat is ready to go when the weather is!

Protect your organization's reputation and assets

Recommended practices to minimize risk of abuse allegations.