Concussions in dance

Information to educate you and your instructors/teachers on concussion exposures.

Help reduce slip, trip, and fall accidents from occurring at your gymnastics school

You can reduce the likelihood of slip, trip, and fall accidents at gymnastics schools and studios throughout the year by following these guidelines.

Injury mitigation and how it supports loss control for your dance program

Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) help speed your response to emergency situations, reduce injury severity, mitigate damages associated with a catastrophic event, and save lives.

Reducing the threat of water damage

Steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of ruptured pipes and waterlines.

Gymnastic loss control news

Learn more about tips for effective security lighting and stopping crime with Business Watch Programs.

Importance of training to prevent abuse

Abuse can be preventable through effective abuse prevention training.

Communication Strategies for Young Coaches

Communication tools necessary to keep your gym safe.

Cheering for concussion awareness

Knowing how concussions occur, signs and symptoms, along with precautionary steps, your program can take are vital to a successful concussion management program.

Assessing your martial arts program’s risk management readiness

Frequently assessing your business' workplace is essential for preventing hazards and risk. Here are a few key checkpoint areas to consider when performing your assessment.

Plan a safe fundraiser

Fundraising is a vital part of many dance programs, but it needs to have a clear focus on safety from start to finish.