Careful reporting can clarify claims

Instruct staff members to follow these guidelines when filling out accident reports.

Using reference point driving to navigate your buses to avoid collisions

Simple steps for determining reference points on your bus.

Controlling mold

Corrective actions for reducing and preventing mold growth.

Do you have an emergency action plan for dance injuries?

Establishing and practicing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Playground injuries

In general, the most common causes of playground injury are falls from raised playground equipment or collisions with another child

Protect your organization's reputation and assets

Recommended practices to minimize risk of abuse allegations.

Putting Safety First, Last, and Always at School

Pointers on what you can do to prevent prevalent claims.

Safe ice handling

Ice that is served to customers is considered food and needs to be treated like any other food product. This includes proper ice machine care, ice handling and old ice disposal.

Hazards during landscaping work

A brief look at some of the hazards landscapers face.

Five tips for buying business insurance

Steps to assess what types of insurance are best for your business, and how to secure coverage to provide adequate protection and minimize risks. A BOP combines typical coverage options into a standard package.