Resource articles

Establishing wilderness medical protocols

An emerging risk management issue is whether or not trained staff should use their training in remote settings.

Precautions against MRSA and other multidrug-resistant organisms

In order to address controls over MRSA exposures in a child care environment, there are certain characteristics of the organism that need to be understood.

Emergency action plans for dance injuries

Catastrophic injuries are not a frequent occurrence at a dance studio, but unfortunately some do occur involving both students and guests. Often an effective response strategy is not in place.

Lease agreements: triple net lease

A triple net lease requires the tenant of the leased property to pay monthly rent as well as property taxes, property insurance, and to perform regular building maintenance.

Crisis response

This month's featured risk management articles focus on the importance of crisis response.

Birthday parties and sleepovers—ensuring more fun with less risk

Sleepovers and birthday parties at gymnastic facilities are popular ways for kids to celebrate a special occasion.

Documentation can lead to gold medal success

How well you document events is critical in helping a claims manager address liability issues.

Maintaining safe sleep environments

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) new guidelines to help support safe infant sleeping environments.

Hot cars kill kids

Take these measures to prevent leaving a child in a hot vehicle or unattended in a vehicle.

Cheer loss control news

Learn more about concussion awareness and discounted background check services.