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Legal issues involving hired and non-owned automobiles

While many companies purchase vehicles for their employees to use and designate particular employees to operate them, others allow or even encourage their employees to operate their own vehicles in conducting company business.

Bicycle theft in the U.S.

Bicycle theft prevention is more than just bike locks. Check out Markel's 6 easy ways to help prevent bicycle theft & increase your bicycle security today!

Traffic signs and signals

Familiarity with traffic signage symbols is important for every user of the road in order to maintain safety and drive efficiently.

Pre-drive inspection

As part of your defensive driving program, conduct the following inspection before you leave on your trip.

Electrical surge damage

Claims involving lightning damage can be significant and impact your ability to operate effectively.

Managing your trampoline exposure

Whether jumping for fun and exercise or training for competition, both children and adults can be severely injured if trampolines are used and supervised improperly.

Dealing with contracts

Contracts can be quite intimidating, confusing and even deceptive at times. Check out our top 3 tips for dealing with contracts.

Preventing child abuse

An allegation of child abuse can be devastating to the reputation and morale of a youth program.

25 questions to ask a travel agent planning your honeymoon

Honeymoon planning tips to keep in mind to make sure you are getting the best deal you deserve!