Winter preparation for your club

Loss prevention strategies to support BGCA programs during the winter season can involve three key areas of focus.

Corrective action plans to control allegations of abuse start by hiring the right staff

By completing all of these steps and looking at the results of the background check, in concert with issues raised in other parts of the screening and selection process, you will be able to make a decision based on the totality of the applicant.

Planning a fundraiser

Fundraising is an important source of capital for many organizations. But if done improperly, it can have an adverse impact on an organization’s assets and reputation.

The difference between service animals, emotional support animals, and pets

Markel insured are often faced with trying to interpret the difference between a service animal, emotional support animal or pet, and then whether it should be allowed on their premises.

Taking accident prevention to the next level

Utilizing historical data is an analytical way an organization can develop strategies to help achieve an accident free goal.

Have you fortified your workers’ compensation program?

Not only do you need to have controls in place to manage the safety and health risks inherent to your winery. You also need to have systems in place to manage a claim should it occur.

Managing graduation crowds

As crowds on your school’s campus increase around commencement, there are a few things to consider to improve the safety of students, faculty, and the visiting public.