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Best clothing for cycling

Choosing the right clothing for your bike ride can make all the difference--get tips on how to dress for cycling in any weather!

Keep alert and be prepared

A few tips on how you can stay alert and be prepared for changing conditions.

Traffic signs and signals

If all drivers would realize the importance of traffic signs and signals, and would observe them to the letter, driving would be a much happier experience.

Affordable wedding decorations

10 affordable wedding decoration ideas that won't break the bank!

Questions to ask your wedding venue

We thought of everything so you don't have to! Use this list of 75 questions when working out the details with your wedding venue.

8 easy ways to prevent your gifts from being stolen

In the process of wedding reception planning, consider how to keep your wedding gifts safe during the event. These tips will help you prevent theft.

Why more couples are choosing wedding insurance

Wondering if you need a wedding insurance policy? Read 6 reasons why you should choose Markel Wedding Insurance for your peace of mind.

Motorcycle front suspension tips

Proper setup of your bike's suspension is crucial for a smooth and safe ride. Here are some reasons why your front suspension should not be overlooked.

Motorcycle toolkit essentials

Keeping a basic toolkit on your bike can help you avoid small problems turning into big ones. Here’s a list of essential items for your motorcycle toolkit to help get you home safe if the unfortunate occurs.

How to properly clean your bike chain

Markel teaches you how to clean your bike chain properly and why cleaning your bike chain will ensure top performance of your bicycle.