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6 tips to keep your wedding dress safe before your wedding

Markel gives you tips on how to keep your wedding dress safe before the big day and how to store it for long-term preservation.

SEO tips for your website

Google is the most important platform to help you gain exposure for your venue. The easier your website is to find, the more weddings you will book. Markel Event Insurance offers 7 tips on SEO to keep in mind to make sure your website stays top of mind.

Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding can be daunting. Our wedding checklist will help get your priorities in order, so you can focus on the things that matter, like finding the dress of your dreams!

5 motorcycle road trip ideas in the U.S.

Discover the top 5 motorcycle rides you can take in the U.S. and start planning your next road trip today.

Motorcycle safety tips

Whether you're a new motorcyclist or you've been riding for years, these 10 motorcycle safety tips will remind you how to stay safe on your next ride.

Wedding etiquette

Newly engaged and not sure where to start? Not to worry, Here are 5 tips to keep in mind as you start planning your wedding.