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Avoid collisions

Your defensive driving program should stress the importance of avoiding collisions, and how to prevent them.

Flashing yellow

A flashing yellow light means you may proceed with caution. Most often it is used at dangerous intersections, congested locations, pedestrian crossings, or in construction zones.

Drive defensively

Learn how to teach your drivers to be defensive on the road, and reduce accidents and injuries.

Prevent vehicle fires

Motor vehicle fires can be more terrifying than a serious collision. Although the frequency of vehicle fires is quite low, when one does occur, the severity is sky high. Learn what do to in the event of a fire with tips from Markel Specialty.

Vacation time

Everyone planning a vacation trip should plan well in advance for complete safety. This should include not only the vehicle that transports us to our vacation spot, but the safety and security of our unattended homes.


Waivers can be very effective business tools. Good waivers require careful planning implementation— and a consultation with an attorney.

Young drivers

Does it make sense to add drivers from a population with a documented higher crash risk and propensity for risk in general?

Vehicle inspections

Extending vehicle inspections beyond routine oil changes.

Top ATV trails in the U.S.

Check out the top 5 ATV trails in national forests and state parks across the United States.

Who's responsible for staff after hours?

Risk management steps to take for after-hour staff.