Driving safety statistics

Learning proper defensive driving tactics can help prevent accidents and death on the road. The statistics for driving accidents are staggering and sobering.

When to call an ambulance

One of the most difficult decisions camp healthcare staff will make is whether to transport an ill or injured camper or staff member by camp vehicle or call an ambulance to transport the patient to the nearest hospital.

Boat navigation 101

There are many tools to help you navigate your boat so that you can safely reach your destination. Markel offers some tips on the different boat navigation tools available to help you on your way.

Carrying a load

When it comes to defensive driving, knowing how to properly secure a load, especially if it is secured outside of the vehicle, can make all the difference in your getting to your destination safely.

Health technology hazards

As we become more reliant on electronic health information technology (HIT) systems, we must ensure that they are compatible with our workflow.

Spontaneous games: not so harmless

While spontaneous games help to make time go by and help create entertainment, they can result in severe injuries.

Fatigue can be fatal

Defensive driving requires you to know and understand the dangers of driving while overly tired or fatigued.

Regular vehcile inspections and maintenance are important

As an organization with drivers spending time on the road, you need to feel confident that your vehicles will function efficiently and safely under all driving conditions.

Safety Focus - Driving and motor vehicle safety

Learn more about driving and motor vehicle safety along with other current accident prevention information.

Developing disaster recovery plans for small businesses

Developing a disaster recovery plan for your small business can help you to mitigate potential losses and prepare for manmade or natural disasters.