Life safety for commercial child care centers

Life safety refers to protecting people from hazards based on building construction, protection, and occupancy features.

Spring 2022: Health clubs newsletter

Take a look at the top five recommendations made to Markel's health club clients.

Liability issues with ride alongs

The decision to have ride-alongs requires due diligence that considers the risks and benefits of such activities.

Countermeasures to reduce vehicle crashes

Common causes of driver inattention, and how to reduce the risk of accidents.

Motorcycle awareness

Motorcycles move as rapidly as automobiles, are tougher to spot, less stable and provide less protection. We don’t see motorcycles because we don’t look for them.

Playground safety

Four key areas to significantly reduce the risk of injury on the playground - supervision, age appropriate equipment design, fall zones, and material types.

Psychiatric elopement

It’s not just a matter of winning litigation. It’s doing our best to care for those entrusted to us.

Reducir el riesgo de quemaduras

Hay varios peligros que vigilar y controlar para reducir el riesgo de que ocurra una quemadura bajo su cuidado.

Rollover prevention tips and safe operating guidelines

Rollover prevention tips and safe operating guidelines.

Strategies to help market your gym

When marketing your gym or fitness center, consider these six strategies to help attract and retain members.