Resource articles

Are you adequately protecting your museum?

Few of the many questions you can ask to help you protect your museum.

Tips on protecting yourself from yourself

General tips on what to do when confronted with an injury to a child.

Beware! Thieves zero-in on new targets

Options for reducing your vulnerability to these crimes.

Avoiding collisions with deer

Driving tips to help prevent collisions.

Homeowner's vs. commercial equine insurance? What is covered (or not convered)?

Many homeowner policies include exclusions which could affect a horse owner. Review your current policy and have a conversation with your insurance agent to be sure you are adequately covered when owning a horse.

Inspecting your first-aid kit

A well stocked first-aid kit is an essential part of any safety program.

Inspection records

Information to include in inspection records.

Guidelines for using trailers

Proactive measures when loading and unloading trailers to reduce the chance of an accident.

Protect kids from falls inside, too 

Voluntary standards that govern indoor play equipment are the same as those that govern outdoor play equipment.

Child care back injury prevention

Safety guidelines for the most common tasks encountered in childcare centers.