EMS and monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies are manmade antibodies. Human genes that produce antibodies are placed in mice or other mammals.

Reinforcing social media and cellphone policies

Key points for social medical and cellphone polices to reinforce.

EMS safe driving tips

EMS personnel are 2.5 times more likely to die in a crash than other workers. Roughly 70% of fatal crashes occur while running hot.

Prevent vehicle fires

Motor vehicle fires can be more terrifying than a serious collision. Learn what do to in the event of a fire with tips from Markel Specialty.

Are near-misses better than simulations?

What's a near-miss? The simplest definition is something bad almost happens, but doesn't.

School bus safety

Learn the rules for sharing the road with school buses, and how to keep everyone safe on the road.

Staying cool in the pool

Questions to consider as part of your swimming pool risk management plan.

Winter preparation for your club

Loss prevention strategies to support BGCA programs during the winter season can involve three key areas of focus.

Back injuries

Back issues are not confined to EMS providers, but are commonly the number one cause of leaving the medical transportation industry.

Construction work zone

Drivers who have no problems in routine driving may encounter them where road construction or repair is under way.