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Happy new year?

The good news is according to the CDC life expectancy has hit a new high of 78.8 years. Women live an average of 81.2 years and men 76.4. The top ten causes of death in 2012 are the same as 2011.

Cyber security and what you need to know

A glimpse into data security, and some concrete suggestions to help you do your job even better.

Safe transport of children

In order to transport children safely we rely on specialized equipment.

Lights and sirens - not so fast

It is common knowledge that 70% of fatal ambulance crashes occur with lights and siren activation.

Winter weather reminder 

What to consider with driving in winter weather.

Wellness and resiliency

Steps required to develop a culture of resilience and wellness, resilience strategies for EMS professionals, specific programs and initiatives to develop a healthy workforce, examples of currently implemented successful programs, and methods to engage community partners and stakeholders.

Employee assistance

A formal EAP is structured to help employees with personal and/or work-related problems that impact job performance, health, and mental/emotional well-being.

On the job alertness, fatigue and performance in EMS

Sustained performance as it may be affected by degraded levels of alertness, drowsiness and fatigue.

When Ebola protection fails

The tittle of this article comes from Science in early October. I must admit it immediately caught my eye.The sub-caption read “Repeated cases among health care workers are a puzzle, but more staff and better training may lower risks.”