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Best practice guidelines COVID-19

Learn about the COVID-19 coronavirus causing respiratory illness across the globe, and how you can protect yourself and your business to reduce the likelihood of contracting the illness.

Camp loss control news - Vol 2. 2020

Learn more about the importance of staff training to reduce auto accidents. Also, preview Markel Specialty's upcoming webinars and conference appearance.

Last day of camp dangers

Evaluate and tailor the last day of camp to reduce higher risk activities.

Keep your chimney clean

Three level of inspections and services recommended for chimney safety.

Predicting injury and illness at camp – The benefits of electronic medical records

It is essential that camps do everything in their power to reduce unnecessary risk and liability.

Lessons learned to avoid a traffic accident

Ways to avoid being involved in traffic accidents.

Dogs and children at camp --keeping it a positive experience

Risk and benefits of bring animals and children together.

Managing wildfire exposures

Staying current of wildfire season developments can help enhance your ongoing planning and preparedness.

Securing camp for the off-season

Another successful camp season has come to a close and now it’s time to secure your camp assets during the off-season.

Keeping copper in camp

Tips for reducing copper theft at your camp.