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Camp loss control news - Vol 2. 2019

Learn more about documenting leased vehicle conditions and protecting your camp from cyber attacks. Also, preview Markel Specialty's upcoming webinars and conference appearance.

Camp loss control news - Vol 1. 2019

Join us in congratulating our 2018 Safety 1st award winners. Also, learn about key questions a parent should ask of a camp, getting the most out of preseason vendor visits, and Markel Specialty's upcoming webinars and conference appearance.

Protecting your business personal property: A crisis averted

Key guidelines for loss control strategies.

Fire evacuation - What you need to know

Proactive steps before and during an evacuation to reduce anxiety and avoid injuries.

Safety 1st hall of fame 2018

Each year, Markel’s Safety 1st program recognizes camps who have shown an exceptional commitment to the safety of their employees and customers.

Last day of camp dangers

Evaluate and tailor the last day of camp to reduce higher risk activities.

Guidelines for using trailers

Proactive measures when loading and unloading trailers to reduce the chance of an accident.

Controlling wildland fire exposures

Fire protection plans should address four zones around a property.

Beware of door hazards

Finger safety tips.

Conducting a security vulnerability assessment

Steps to conduct a security vulnerability assessment.