Resource articles

Steps to address supervision and abuse 

Steps for addressing supervision and abuse.

Is your sandbox up to standard?

Tips for keeping a sandbox free of hazards and contaminants.

Laptop safety

Guidelines for protecting your laptop from theft.

How hot is too hot?

Tips for preventing heat-related illness.

Bookcases, cubbies and other falling objects

Tips to avoid bookcase and cubby injuries.

Child care back injury prevention

Safety guidelines for the most common tasks encountered in childcare centers.

Beware of door hazards

Finger safety tips.

Create a door safety zone

Establishing a door safety zone.

The weather is nice. It’s time to hit the playground, softly!

Acceptable systems for creating a safer play surface.

Crime prevention tips for commercial child care centers

Management recognizes the importance of providing transportation to our clients and periodically using personal vehicles for various business purposes.