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Notable news - Measles outbreak

Do you have a plan in place for managing a potential outbreak?

Create a door safety zone

Establishing a door safety zone.

There is no margin for error in leaving children behind in vehicles

Measures to prevent leaving a child in a hot or unattended vehicle.

Playground safety

Four key areas to significantly reduce the risk of injury on the playground - supervision, age appropriate equipment design, fall zones, and material types.

Reusing child-safety seats after a minor accident

Conditions to reuse child-safety seats.

Protecting your facility from lightning and water damage 

Proactive measures to reduce the likelihood of lightning or water damage.

Inspection records

Information to include in inspection records.

Protect kids from falls inside, too 

Voluntary standards that govern indoor play equipment are the same as those that govern outdoor play equipment.

Child care back injury prevention

Safety guidelines for the most common tasks encountered in childcare centers.

How hot is too hot?

Each year, many experience heat illness, which often manifests as heat exhaustion. This can be a real danger if not quickly addressed and can be fatal without the proper precautions.