Locker room safety:  Preventing hazards before they happen

Monitoring a fitness club’s locker room with a consistent inspection program can help reduce the likelihood of it becoming a hazard zone.

Preventing common claims against your health club

We’ve put together a list of seven common health club claims and some steps you can take to help prevent them.

Contests to help increase member loyalty

Contests or challenges are a great way to help boost members’ satisfaction and secure repeat returns.

How to respond to incidents in your club

Creating an incident response policy and training employees will go a long way in protecting your health and fitness center from financial loss.

Health club circulation areas – Controlling slip, trip and fall hazards

Many claims reported by Markel's Health and Fitness Club policyholders involve a slip and fall, or trip and fall. Learn how to control these accidents and keep the circulation area free of hazards.

New member orientations

When a fitness center develops a consistent member orientation program and accurately documents the process, they may have a better chance at success in avoiding costly claims against the club.

How to define the target market for your health club

Understanding your target market, who you want to serve, and how to reach them is vital in helping to grow your health club memberships.

Tips for setting up a pre-launch campaign for your health club

Incorporating pre-sales into a fitness club business plan offers a variety of benefits and is critical for success.

Treadmill safety

Health and fitness centers are well-advised to establish treadmill safety policies and procedures to reduce the risk of injury to their members.

Strategies to help market your gym

When marketing your gym or fitness center, consider these six strategies to help attract and retain members.