The basics on restaurant fire safety

A fire can devastate your business, leading to lost revenues and even permanent closure. But there are steps you can take to prevent fires and minimize the damage.

UL-300 commercial cooking system

There are approximately 8,160 structure fires at eating and drinking establishments each year. More than 50% of these fires were caused by cooking equipment.

Class K fire extinguishers

Understanding the proper application for a Class K entinguisher

Preventing cross-contamination

Implementing these behaviors ensures a safer and more sanitary restaurant environment.

Restaurant checklist

Review Markel Specialty's restaurant safety checklist.

Fire protection systems in restaurants

Common fire protection systems in restaurants with recommended maintenance schedules.

The importance of handwashing

Effective handwashing prevents the spread of harmful bacteria and only requires a few simple steps.

What are near misses?

Never shrug off a near miss because that is the opportunity for corrective action before a serious injury occurs.

Restaurant fire hazards

Only through properly training employees and following OSHA’s fire safety standards can a restaurant owner protect employees and customers from danger.

Things health inspectors look for

Some of the things an inspector will scrutinize when examining your restaurant.