Resource articles

Notable news - Measles outbreak

Do you have a plan in place for managing a potential outbreak?

Supervision and keeping club sports safe

Recommendations to keep your club safe.

Playground safety: The dirty dozen

The National Playground Safety Institute (NSPI) has identified 12 of the leading causes of injuries on playgrounds, which they call the “Dirty Dozen.”

Reinforcing social media and cellphone policies

Key points for social medical and cellphone polices to reinforce.

Protecting your business personal property: A crisis averted

Key guidelines for loss control strategies.

Doorway hazards

Steps to help reduce doorway hazards.

Bleacher safety

Safety protocols to help keep bleachers a viable seating alternative for club members.

Electrical surge damage

Claims involving lightning damage can be significant and impact your ability to operate effectively.

Winter preparation for your club

Loss prevention strategies to support BGCA programs during the winter season can involve three key areas of focus.