Resource articles

Child abuse at shared facilities

Child abuse at most youth organizations fall into two categories.

Avoid negligent hiring claims by taking action

Precautionary measures to avoid negligent hiring claims.

Claims reporting—faster is better

The faster you contact the investigating adjuster, the better your chance to effectively resolve the claim.

Who's responsible for staff after hours?

Risk management steps to take for after-hour staff.

Preventing child abuse

Steps to reduce the risk of child abuse.

Link up for criminal background checks

Criminal background checks are becoming almost standard for youth supervision positions.

Preventing abuse— by design

Recommendations to reduce abuse allegations.

Preparing for the Initial meeting with your attorney

Helpful advice for preparing for your initial meeting with your attorney

Report incident promptly!

Timely claim reporting provides a number of benefits for the overall claims management process.

Utilizing S.E.A. to combat abuse

S.E.A. stands for supervision, education, and accountability. Providing appropriate supervision is a key strategy for stopping abuse within an organization.