Resource articles

Preventing abuse— by design

Recommendations to reduce abuse allegations.

Background checks and barrier crimes

Prevent child abuse in your organization.

Child abuse at shared facilities

Child abuse at most youth organizations fall into two categories.

Avoid negligent hiring claims by taking action

Precautionary measures to avoid negligent hiring claims.

Protect your organization's reputation and assets

Recommended practices to minimize risk of abuse allegations.

Lessons learned from reported claims

Ways to reduce child abuse.

Are background checks enough?

Tips to strengthen your organization’s screening and selection practices.

Staff screening

It’s critical to screen staff and volunteers before allowing them to work with children.

Preparing for the Initial meeting with your attorney

Helpful advice for preparing for your initial meeting with your attorney

Utilizing S.E.A. to combat abuse

S.E.A. stands for supervision, education, and accountability. Providing appropriate supervision is a key strategy for stopping abuse within an organization.