Resource articles

Create a door safety zone

Establishing a door safety zone.

Cleaning supply safety

Tips to help keep your center safe.

Sidewalk safety: Not all it’s cracked up to be

Every year, Markel receives numerous claims for injuries resulting from trips and falls on slippery, uneven, or cracked sidewalks.

Trip and fall injuries

Steps to reduce trip and fall accidents.

Setting the stage for recital safety

Precautions to reduce tripping hazards.

Keeping copper in camp

Tips for reducing copper theft at your camp.

Use space heaters wisely

Tips that will help you get the best and safest results from your portable electric space heater.

How long do smoke detectors last?

Fire alarm maintenance tips.

"Change your clock, change your smoke detector batteries"

A great reminder about change your smoke detector batteries.

Fire evacuation - What you need to know

Proactive steps before and during an evacuation to reduce anxiety and avoid injuries.