Resource articles

Golf cart safety

Practices that govern the safe use of golf carts.

Check your tires – Hot driving tip from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Inspecting your tires before a trip is one of the most important safety measures to ensure a positive travel experience.

Reusing child-safety seats after a minor accident

Conditions to reuse child-safety seats.

Pay attention at the wheel!

Steps to reduce the possibility of accidents.

A signaling driver’s potential liability

A driver’s wave can reasonably be interpreted as an all-clear signal.

Is your vehicle ready for winter weather?

Tips for preparing your car for winter.

Maintain your tires for safety

Key areas for safe tire maintenance.

Safe winter driving

Winter driving tips.

Are you a safe “working motorist?”

Tips to make your driving experience a safer one.

Drive safely on wet roads

Reasons to drive carefully when operating a vehicle during wet weather conditions.