Resource articles

Take it slow in ice and snow

Tips for traveling in ice and snow.

Careful reporting can clarify claims

Instruct staff members to follow these guidelines when filling out accident reports.

How to describe a vehicle

Recommendations to follow to provide a full description.

Drive cautiously on wet roads

Wet pavement from the rainy weather of autumn and winter presents adverse driving conditions that account for 60 percent of all weather related fatalities

Avoiding collisions with deer

Driving tips to help prevent collisions.

Deer collision advisory

Deer season gives us a great opportunity to practice our defensive driving skills.

Motorcycle awareness

May is “Motorcycle Awareness Month

Screening transportation program applicants using Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)

Employers must evaluate information on an MVR in order to determine employability for anyone that may be driving a program vehicle.

Teaching campers the correct way to buckle up for safety!

Proper seatbelt use is not only an important component for reducing traffic fatalities.

Golf cart safety

Practices that govern the safe use of golf carts.