Health clubs: equipment maintenance

Keeping your equipment in tip-top shape is not just about keeping it clean. It should also involve routine maintenance, proper documentation of your maintenance, and safety recall awareness.

Managing your trampoline exposure

Whether jumping for fun and exercise or training for competition, both children and adults can be severely injured if trampolines are used and supervised improperly.

Protecting your business personal property: A crisis averted

The loss of business personal property due to disaster or theft can result in significant replacement and lost opportunity costs.

Lessons from losses – Young worker falls from ladder

A teenaged retail hardware sales associate was killed when he fell from a fiberglass extension ladder as he tried to change a light bulb.

Lessons from losses – tire inflation

Inflating a tire in the workplace sound likes a routine function without a great deal of danger. But this perception is illusory because the hazards of the task can be deadly.

Warehousing and storage hazards

Potential hazards in this rapidly growing, fast-paced industry include those associated with powered industrial trucks (forklifts), ergonomics, and more.

Snow clearing and other winter hazards

Winter weather presents hazards including slippery roads and surfaces, strong winds, and environmental cold.

Minimizing the legal risk of an AED program

Essential elements to maintaining your civil liability immunity protection and minimizing risk.