Marketing ideas for wedding planners

The wedding business is thriving and you want to be right there with it. Here are some ways to market your wedding planner services and increase your exposure.

How to network with wedding industry partners to boost business

Whether you’ve been building your wedding planning business for years or are new to the industry, networking with industry partners is an excellent way to help advance your company to the next level.

Leveraging professional memberships to grow your business

A membership in a wedding event planning association helps strengthen your credibility and connects you to a unique network of colleagues and resources that can enhance your business.

Tips for engaging brides and grooms on instagram

Instagram is the perfect social media platform to promote your business due to its focus on photos. Here are some tips on gaining more Instagram followers and engaging with them.

Event directories to list your venue

Listing your venue on online event directories will help you gain exposure and can lead to more business. To help get you started, we’ve listed some website event directories

How to Manage Wedding Client Expectations Versus Budget

To meet your clients needs on their wedding day, it's important to manage expectations when planning the perfect day on the right budget.

How to Educate Your Clients on the Difference Between a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Planner

Educating clients on the roles of a wedding planner and venue coordinators can help them understand who handles different aspects of the wedding.

What to include in your event contract

Clearly written contracts, with no surprises, will lead to more seamless events and avoid frustrations on both sides.

Hidden costs for events

As an event planner, you want to minimize any surprises when planning an event. We’ve put together a list of hidden costs to watch out for, so you can help your client stay within budget.

Tips to hosting a bridal workshop at your venue

Bridal workshops a great way for you to meet new clients and network with other event professionals. Markel offers some tips to keep in mind when planning a bridal workshop at your venue.