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Fighting driver fatigue

Driving while fatigued is a major cause of accidents out on the road. Find out how you can fight driver fatigue with these tips from Markel Specialty.

Traffic signs and signals

If all drivers would realize the importance of traffic signs and signals, and would observe them to the letter, driving would be a much happier experience.

The three-point rule

No matter what type of access system your vehicle has available, use the three-point system to significantly reduce the chance of a slip or fall.

Safe driving on superhighways

Get recommended techniques for freeway driving from Markel Specialty.

Vehicle maintenance

A driver spending a full day on the road needs to feel confident that his vehicle will function efficiently and safely under all driving conditions. Get tips from Markel Specialty.

The right of way

Right of way is probably one of the most misunderstood of all driving rules. It simply refers to a motorist’s right to cross an intersection ahead of another vehicle. Right of way rules are designed for all of our safety.

Backing techniques

Techniques for backing up safely.

Fatigue management By guest authors Billy Rutherford and Gerald P. Krueger

Fatigue in EMS activities continues to affect performance for both the operation of an ambulance and for medical treatment provided by EMS crews.

Driving emergencies

Learn how you can help your drivers deal with emergencies while they are out on the road.

Seeing when driving at night

The accident rate during night time driving is considerable higher than during day time driving. One major factor is temporary blindness caused by the glare of headlights.