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Traffic signs and signals

If all drivers would realize the importance of traffic signs and signals, and would observe them to the letter, driving would be a much happier experience.

Safe driving on superhighways

Get recommended techniques for freeway driving from Markel Specialty.

School bus safety

Learn the rules for sharing the road with school buses, and how to keep everyone safe on the road.

Seat belts

The National Safety Council estimates that more than 14,000 persons die every year in highway crashes that would not have been fatal if seat belts had been used. These 14,000 deaths could have been prevented by merely “buckling up.”

The intersection problem

As long as each vehicle moves in its own lane without getting in the way of another vehicle, traveling is smooth. But travel is not all in the same direction. Our chosen line of traffic often must cross the paths of other vehicles, and that’s when trouble comes—the intersection problem.

Pedestrian crossing

Although pedestrian safety should be a two way responsibility between driver and pedestrian, the driver is usually responsible for any consequences. Therefore, we as drivers must look at pedestrians as caution signs.

Emergency warning devices

Read more about emergency warning devices to help keep your drivers safe, brought to you by Markel Specialty.

Traffic signs

It is every driver’s responsibility to identify and obey all traffic control signs. Make it a point to periodically review the different signs and to become acquainted with their meanings.

Courtesy and safe driving

Get tips on how to drive safely using driver courtesy, and more safe driving tips, brought to you by Markel Specialty

Distracted and dozing

Get tups on how to avoid distracted driving, and tools to combat driver fatigue, to help keep your drivers safe.