Resource articles

Outlining the Rules for Sports

Educate participants on proper rules of play and ensure comprehensive supervision is provided.


Waivers can be very effective business tools. Good waivers require careful planning implementation— and a consultation with an attorney.

Crib inspections can help prevent injuries

Proactively reduce the likelihood of a child suffering a crib-related injury.

Is risk management incorporated into everything you do?

Five-step process to help start risk management.

Am I “looking at all of the trees and not seeing the forest?”

Take a step back and challenge you staff to answer these questions when they assess intended programs and activities.

Putting Safety First, Last, and Always at School

Pointers on what you can do to prevent prevalent claims.

How to describe a vehicle

Recommendations to follow to provide a full description.

Avoid negligent hiring claims by taking action

Precautionary measures to avoid negligent hiring claims.

Train your camp counselors about concussions

Your staff’s preparedness to manage a potential concussion is a critical element of a healthy camp environment.

Planning a fundraiser?

Questions to ask when analyzing the safety of your event.