Avoiding toy hazards

Tips to avoid toy hazards including toy size, how small a toy can be, and about toy safety.

Life safety for commercial child care centers

Life safety refers to protecting people from hazards based on building construction, protection, and occupancy features.

Employee-customer workplace violence

Red flags for identifying employees with the potential to commit an an act of workplace violence.

Fight bullying and abuse with a security vulnerability assessment

Guidelines for a security vulnerability assessment.

How to describe a vehicle

Recommendations to follow to provide a full description.

Supervision facilitates safety

Two leading causes of accidents, and how to avoid them.

Laptop safety

Laptops are attractive targets for thieves, here are some guidelines for protecting your laptop from theft.

Occupant load for life safety

Businesses and building owners must ensure that proper life safety measures are taken in their facilities to protect customers and employees.

Manual material handling

Almost every manual material handling activity carries some potential for injury, from minor to severe. That’s why at every stage in the process is essential for workers to understand and follow best practices for safe material handling.

Managing vendor relationships: what you don’t know can hurt you in the future

The way you handle your vendor relationships can have a significant impact on the financial health of your camp.