Resource articles

Avoid negligent hiring claims by taking action

Precautionary measures to avoid negligent hiring claims.

What you should know about employment-at-will

Implications and ramifications employment-at-will has with regard to the employment relationship.

Is risk management incorporated into everything you do?

Five-step process to help start risk management.

Anticipating accidents may help avoid them

Steps to reduce slip and fall/trip and fall accidents.

Avoiding toy hazards

Tips to avoid toy hazards including toy size, how small a toy can be, and about toy safety.


Waivers can be very effective business tools. Good waivers require careful planning implementation— and a consultation with an attorney.

Putting Safety First, Last, and Always at School

Pointers on what you can do to prevent prevalent claims.

Fight bullying and abuse with a security vulnerability

Guidelines for a security vulnerability assessment.

Employee-customer workplace violence

Red flags for identifying employees with the potential to commit an an act of workplace violence.