The importance of background checks

Conducting background checks on potential employees and volunteers should be a major part of your organization’s business process. Background checks can help reduce risk for criminal activities such as violence, abuse and theft.

Pandemic response and business continuity checklist

The checklist below provides a general outline for pandemic business continuity plans. However, make sure to work with your professional consultant to make sure your plan complies with all the applicable laws.

Life safety for commercial child care centers

Life safety refers to protecting people from hazards based on building construction, protection, and occupancy features.

Admission against interest

If an accident or property damage occurs at your facility, follow these three steps.

Refill propane tanks safely

Safety practices for propane tank refill and distribution.

Putting Safety First, Last, and Always at School

Pointers on what you can do to prevent prevalent claims.

Occupant load for life safety

Businesses and building owners must ensure that proper life safety measures are taken in their facilities to protect customers and employees.

How to describe a vehicle

Recommendations to follow to provide a full description.

Laptop safety

Laptops are attractive targets for thieves, here are some guidelines for protecting your laptop from theft.

What you should know about employment-at-will

Implications and ramifications employment-at-will has with regard to the employment relationship.