2020 - Make it a new year

Start your year by thinking about your decision-making when it comes to safety. New thoughts may give you novel options for a happier and safer 2020.

Back injuries

Back issues are not confined to EMS providers, but are commonly the number one cause of leaving the medical transportation industry.

Holiday reminder: careful with alcohol

Consider your approach to alcohol consumption as a personal health behavior.

Exertional heat stroke

Review the risk factors for exertional heat stroke.

Health club circulation areas – Controlling slip, trip and fall hazards

Many claims reported by Markel's Health and Fitness Club policyholders involve a slip and fall, or trip and fall. Learn how to control these accidents and keep the circulation area free of hazards.

Is ambulance safety an illusion?

About 22,000 EMS providers visit Emergency Departments for work related injuries annually. Falls, exposures to blood and body fluids, and sprains and strains are the most common reasons.

Food choking hazards in child care

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) outlines that choking on food poses an important and relatively under-addressed problem for U.S. children.

New member orientations

When a fitness center develops a consistent member orientation program and accurately documents the process, they may have a better chance at success in avoiding costly claims against the club.

Spring 2022: Health clubs newsletter

Take a look at the top five recommendations made to Markel's health club clients.

Radiation woes

What you should do if you think you have radioactive dust on you at home.