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Health inspection basics

The FDA Food Code outlines specific rules on which state and county health departments model their retail food regulations.

Office safety

It is an employers responsibility to provide training to keep workers safe and assist them in recognizing and avoiding these hazards.

Emergency planning

Anticipating a disaster may not be possible but it is im- portant to prepare for these types of events to reduce damage and speed recovery.

UL-300 commercial cooking system

There are approximately 8,160 structure fires at eating and drinking establishments each year. More than 50% of these fires were caused by cooking equipment.

Safe ice handling

Ice that is served to customers is considered food and needs to be treated like any other food product. This includes proper ice machine care, ice handling and old ice disposal.

Things health inspectors look for

Some of the things an inspector will scrutinize when examining your restaurant.

Emergency exits

Would you know how to escape from your workplace in the event of an emergency? If not, you should find out the answers to these questions to keep you safe during an emergency situation in your workplace.

Preventing cross-contamination

Implementing these behaviors ensures a safer and more sanitary restaurant environment.

The drug free workplace

Developing a drug free workplace program involves considering state laws and regulations before implementation.

Class K fire extinguishers

Understanding the proper application for a Class K entinguisher