Resource articles

How hot is too hot?

It is important to keep your staff and patrons safe against the dangers associated with outdoor activities in hot weather. Overheating can be a real danger, even fatal, if not quickly addressed.

Taking the stress out of heat

Protecting yourself from heat-related illnesses.

Summer brings lightning and water damage losses

Proactive measures to reduce the likelihood of damage occurring at your center.

Is your aquatics staff ready for the summer?

Simple skills verification, plus an in-service training program will help you increase opportunities for staff to practice their skills.

Want a LYME with that? Not this Lyme!

Tick bites can pass along tick-borne pathogens resulting in Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other related illnesses affecting thousands of outdoor enthusiasts each year.

Spring into safety

Ask these questions when checking your safety program.

Addressing fatigue among camp staff

Recommendations to help your staff achieve a well-rested night’s sleep.

Lightning safety for organized outdoor athletic events

Steps to implement a lightning safety program.