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Winter safety tips

Slipping and falling on ice is one of the most common injuries during the winter months. Slip-and-fall accidents often result in fractures or serious strains to the legs and ankles, particularly in adults.

Drive safely on snowy/icy roads

Tips for operating a vehicle during snowy weather.

Is your vehicle ready for winter weather?

Tips for preparing your car for winter.

Winter facility inspections

Primary risk management areas for winter.

You can reduce slip-and-fall accidents

Guidelines to prevent slip-and-falls.

Space heater safety

Safe usage recommendations for portable electric heaters.

Preparing your facility for winter

Helpful advice for preparing for your center for winter.

Putting safety first for wintry weather

Tips to keep pipes from freezing or bursting.

It's time to deck the halls --safely

Identify potential holiday fire hazards.

Keeping kids safe on winter playgrounds

More vigilant inspections of playground hazards during the winter.