Why riding instructors and horse trainers need insurance

Special insurance because instructing students and training horses is a special kind of business.

Equine liability insurance is indispensable for anyone with a horse-related business.

In today’s litigious society, protection against liability claims is an utmost necessity. And riding instruction or horse training operations, such as yours are especially vulnerable – even with waivers and state laws designed to limit or control liabilities.

Unless you have the proper kind of insurance, a lawsuit will cost you money - win or lose.

Here are a few examples of accidents that could occur with horse-related businesses:

  • A Markel insured independent horse trainer was working on one of our insured’s farms when struck by lightning. He was taken away by ambulance to a hospital.
  • During a riding lesson with an insured instructor, the horse stopped suddenly and the student was thrown off, fracturing her spine.
  • While training a third party’s pony, an insured horse trainer was kicked in the face.

We’re the official Insurance Supplier of The American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA).

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