State of the art driver training from BrightFleet

BrightFleet driver training is for today’s busy drivers and has been proven to reduce collisions by up to 57%.   

BrightFleet driver training is different from the typical online driver training because it identifies a driver’s ability as opposed to their knowledge.  Drivers are placed in simulated driving situations and are tested on how they perform without actually being on the road.  Next, BrightFleet will tailor 20-minute training modules specific to the driver’s areas of weakness.  

Markel has teamed up with BrightFleet to offer you a discount - making the cost of a year’s worth of training only 22 cents per day. 

If you have drivers operating company vehicles or their personal vehicles for company business, then BrightFleet training will provide you peace of mind that your drivers are being trained the best way they can. 

For more information or to get started please visit BrightFleet's website.

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