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Burglar-proof your premises

Markel’s Loss Control department reviewed burglary and theft claims for our BGCA policyholders and discovered that computers, cash, and electronics are often stolen when a burglar strikes. The Insurance Institute of America recommends implementing the following controls to protect your club from a burglary:
  • Use appropriate locks, safes, and exterior doors. Limit access to keys and change combinations to safes frequently.
  • Install alarm systems and surveillance cameras attached to offsite recording devices, and enlist the help of security guards at your premises.
  • Eliminate places where burglars can hide and securely store ladders or tools which could be used to break into your club.
  • Engrave or paint valuables to deter burglary and to prove ownership if the stolen items are recovered.
  • Avoid labels which can be removed and are less obvious than “PROPERTY OF THE BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF AMERICA” in bright, indelible paint.
  • Adopt opening and closing procedures that will frustrate burglars. For example, check premises for unauthorized persons right before closing and opening. Caution employees against sharing information about premises or procedures with others.
  • Train staff to watch for potential burglars casing premises. One reported claim involved unauthorized intruders entering through the gym during a basketball game. Clubs must be vigilant in controlling entry points to reduce this type of intrusion.
  • Develop and practice procedures for notifying and cooperating with police. Hold employees accountable for maintaining and complying with these controls.
You can find more useful tips to help protect your club from burglary, theft, and vandalism. Visit Markel’s safety resources at

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