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Camp and youth recreation

Bug bites and skinned knees are a part of everyday life at camp. With the right safety program, you can keep minor upsets from turning into major mishaps. As a Counselor policyholder, Markel is committed to providing the tools you need to help put Safety 1st at your camp. One of the most important ways to protect your camp is to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. That’s where our Safety 1st Education Program comes in.

The Safety 1st Education Program provides exceptional risk-management tools, including webinar series, background checks for staff and volunteers at a deeply discounted rate, safe driving courses at a discounted rate, timely and useful publications, and practical loss-control solutions. 

Safety 1st
Celebrate your safety success with Markel's Safety 1st designation program! View 2016's Safety 1st Award recipients.

Markel safety webinars - Markel is sponsoring a series of webinars by nationally recognized experts in professional youth camping on issues relevant to camps. The webinars are free of charge exclusively to Markel clients. The 2017 webinar series schedule is now available!

  • Bob Ditter - Tuesday, January 17 and Tuesday, April 18
    The growth mindset at camp, and supervision and staff oversight.
  • Dr. Chris Thurber - Thursday, February 2
    Are Your Staff Thinking or Drinking? How to Encourage Wise Use of Time Off.
  • Michael Brandwein - Wednesday, February 15
    How to motivate and develop leadership team members to boost excellence and responsibility.
  • Dr. Deborah Gilboa - Friday, March 24
    Bullying is normal, what matters is what we do next.
  • Michael Swain, ARM, SCLA, Sr. Loss Control Specialist - Thursday, May 2
    Preparing for risks of summer camp.

Markel’s risk management library
Access our online library of risk management articles for information to help prevent losses and maintain a safe environment. It’s the perfect resource to support your staff training efforts. Articles are organized by topic.


Safety guides
Read detailed Safety Guides for more information on common activities and loss control.

ACA Healthy Camp Study Impact Report
Markel has been the sponsor of the American Camp Association (ACA) five-year Healthy Camp Study. The information contained in this report serves as a resource for reducing injuries and illnesses in camps and other youth settings.

Discounted services

Free staff training from the American Camp Association's® (ACA) e-Institute*
Train your staff with ACA's e-Institute's four part series "Health and Safety: Preventing Illness and Injury".

Praesidium child abuse risk management services*
Your staff and volunteers can reduce the risk that a child in your care will be sexually abused by an employee, volunteer, or by another child. But first, they must know how. Praesidium, Inc.'s "Armatus" will teach them. As a Markel client, you can access the Armatus training resources for just $10 per user. Get access to other select sex abuse risk management training and educational services from Praesidium at a 20% discount.

Intellicorp criminal background checks at a discount*
Run background checks on your employees and volunteers at a discounted rate. Additional jurisdictional fees may also be charged.

CampDoc.com – Electronic Health Records for Camps*
Markel and CampDoc.com have teamed up to help camps keep their campers and staff healthy and safe. Offered at a significant savings to Markel clients, CampDoc’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) reduces risk, improves efficiency, and maximizes safety.

Safety videos and online resources
Does your staff need to brush up on their risk management and prevention skills? Need to train a new employee on proper safety procedures? See Markel's list of recommended safety videos and online resources.

BrightFleet - brokers for brilliant driver safety programs for business of any size
Online safe driving courses offered at a discounted rate through BrightFleet driver training.

Ask a safety question
If you have questions about our risk management program or are looking for information on a particular topic, send our risk management experts an email to safety1st@markelcorp.com.  As a Counselor policyholder, Markel is committed to providing the tools you need to help put Safety 1st at your camp.

 * Markel provides access to various risk management products at a discount to its customers. In making these discounts available, Markel is not endorsing these products, making any warranty (including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose) or guarantee with respect to the products or assuming any liability for any damages that may result from their use.