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Risk management

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Gymnastics and cheerleading

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Markel also provides these additional safety resources. For a full range of risk management information, you can explore Markel's risk management library.

Discounted services
Markel has partnered with several vendors to provide discounted services to our sports and fitness insureds. These services include: driver safety training, child abuse risk management training, and background checks. Click here to learn more.

Safety guides
Read detailed safety guides for more information on common activities and loss control.

Concussion management

Safety video resources

Ask a safety question
Get answers to your safety questions from our Loss Control Department.

*Markel provides access to various risk management products at a discount to its customers.  In making these discounts available, Markel is not endorsing these products, making any warranty (including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose) or guarantee with respect to the products or assuming any liability for any damages that may result from their use.

Coverage availability varies by state. Please refer to policy forms for coverage terms and conditions.