Risk management

Risk management

Health clubs

Markel offers these exceptional risk management and loss control tools:

  • Clubsafety.com is the risk management site exclusive to Markel's health club policyholders -- dedicated to keeping your facility safe!
    • Free downloads of loss control documents, safety signage/notices, forms
    • Training webinars
    • And more!
  • Markel Safety 1st Education Program which includes access to our Risk Management Library containing articles and safety guides to help you prevent losses, maintain a safer environment and support staff training. 
  • Background checks for new hires and staff at a discounted rate
  • Access to child abuse risk management training and educational services from Praesidium, Inc.  

Select a link below to view or print our risk management articles:

Fall 2018: Stop crime with a Business Watch Program
Summer 2018: Water damage - hazards and prevention
Spring 2017: Equipment maintenance and protecting storefronts and buildings from damage
Summer 2016: Locker room safety
Fall 2015: Treadmill safety

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