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Why Buy Horse Mortality Insurance?

While you hope to never need it, horse mortality insurance is an important coverage for all horse owners. Learn more about why you need horse mortality insurance from Markel's trusted ...
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Why Do I Need Bicycle Insurance?

Not sure if you need bike insurance? Find out why Markel's comprehensive bicycle insurance covers you when homeowners and renters policies fall short.
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Business Office Insurance Coverages

Learn more about Markel's business insurance coverage and how it can help protect your employees and office.
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How to prevent needlestick and sharps injuries

How to prevent needlestick and sharps injuries

Cooking equipment safety

A busy kitchen can be a dangerous place with many hazards, including sharp edges, heat and open flames, oils and acids, and a fast paced working environment.

Electrical safety

Do's and don'ts checklist

Safety inspections

Inspections are a means to monitor safety and health performance and compliance with OSHA and other regulatory standards.

Bookcases, cubbies and other falling objects

Tips to avoid bookcase and cubby injuries.

Winery & Vineyard Insurance

Learn more about Markel's insurance options for wineries and vineyards.
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Insurance for Temporary Shelters

Protection for organizations providing temporary shelter to battered women, homeless individuals, runaway youth, and other individuals in times of need.
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Why Buy Therapeutic Riding Insurance?

Find out why you need therapeutic riding insurance, and how it can help protect your business.

Why Buy Markel High Performance Boat Insurance?

Learn more about why it's important to have the right coverage for you and your high performance boat, and how Markel Specialty can help.


View additional information that might be helpful to your cattle and livestock business.

Discounted Services

IntelliCorp is pleased to offer Markel Specialty clients the tools to help make responsible and informed hiring decisions. Our comprehensive background check services let you screen applicants to help minimize ...

Wedding Insurance Coverages

Markel's wedding cancellation insurance helps you recover costs when your wedding is cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.
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Why Buy Camp insurance?

Find out why you need camp insurance, and how it can help protect your camp and campers when you need it most.