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Tips to help keep kids safe and entertained at your wedding

Learn 8 easy tips to help kids at weddings stay safe and entertained! From wedding games and activities to safety tips--children at weddings will have a great time!

Investing in the right motorcycle gear

By having the right motorcycle gear, you’ll not only enjoy your ride more, but also protect your body and help prevent serious injury.

6 tips to keep your wedding dress safe before your wedding

Markel gives you tips on how to keep your wedding dress safe before the big day and how to store it for long-term preservation.

How Not to Become Bridezilla

No bride actively wants to a bridezilla. Markel offer some tips to keep in mind as you plan your wedding to help you steer clear of this dreaded personality.

Why Buy Horse Mortality Insurance?

While you hope to never need it, horse mortality insurance is an important coverage for all horse owners. Learn more about why you need horse mortality insurance from Markel's trusted ...
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Wedding Emergency Kit

Be prepared for the unexpected by putting together a Wedding Day Emergency Kit, and stay one step ahead of any wedding day mishap that comes up!

Common wedding day mishaps that can impact your big day

Markel Insurance shows you how to avoid 5 common wedding day mishaps with these handy tips!

Fall wedding ideas

From colors and decorations to photos and menus, find great wedding ideas for Fall here!

Omaha Skyline Gets A New Brand

The Omaha, Nebraska skyline is decorated with a new logo. Markel has installed its corporate emblem on the north tower of Central Park Plaza, home to more than 200 employees ...

Why Do I Need Bicycle Insurance?

Not sure if you need bike insurance? Find out why Markel's comprehensive bicycle insurance covers you when homeowners and renters policies fall short.
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The importance of ATV insurance

Not convinced you need ATV insurance? We’ve outlined six questions you can ask yourself to determine if a specialized ATV insurance policy is right for you.

Business Office Insurance Coverages

Learn more about Markel's business insurance coverage and how it can help protect your employees and office.
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Fire safety during the holidays

Ensure that the glow of this holiday season is not due to your building burning down.

Notable news alert

Guidance for protecting workers from occupational exposure to Zika virus.

In home child care slip, trips, and falls

Consider the following to reduce the risk of slips and falls within your home based child care center.

Protecting your business personal property: A crisis averted

Key guidelines for loss control strategies.

News and views, Vol. 1

New from Markel Programs in 2016 is this brief newsletter to bring you up to date on news at Markel Corporation and Markel Programs.

How to prevent needlestick and sharps injuries

How to prevent needlestick and sharps injuries

How hot is too hot?

Tips for preventing heat-related illness.

Updated vehicle safety guidelines

Underwriting criteria used to evaluate transportation programs.