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American Livestock

Find out more about American Livestock insurance from Markel Specialty.

Why Buy Camp insurance?

Find out why you need camp insurance, and how it can help protect your camp and campers when you need it most.

Sterling Volunteers

Learn more about Sterling Volunteers, the only background screening organization designed specifically for nonprofit organizations.

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Are near-misses better than simulations?

What's a near-miss? The simplest definition is something bad almost happens, but doesn't.

Fatigue management By guest authors Billy Rutherford and Gerald P. Krueger

Fatigue in EMS activities continues to affect performance for both the operation of an ambulance and for medical treatment provided by EMS crews.

Complacency kills

Tips to transport a non-emergency patient safely.

New perspectives for the new year, part 2

The most common categories of EMS professional injuries.

Avoid the burnout

To avoid burnout, we must avoid exhausting our personnel with unrealistic schedules. In like manner, personnel have the responsibility to sleep properly, manage stress, and consume healthy foods and exercise.

Infection reflections

Although the likelihood of Ebola in the United States is minimal, the CDC has taken precautions.

On the job alertness, fatigue and performance in EMS

Sustained performance as it may be affected by degraded levels of alertness, drowsiness and fatigue.

Tips to help keep kids safe and entertained at your wedding

Learn 8 easy tips to help kids at weddings stay safe and entertained! From wedding games and activities to safety tips--children at weddings will have a great time!

Keep valuables safe on your boat

Boating is a fun and relaxing way to unwind. The last thing you want to worry about when on the water is losing any valuables you bring onboard. Here are ...

New perspectives for the new year

It is common knowledge that EMS is a dangerous profession. Recent work from the joint efforts of the CDC and NIOSH published last July offers insight you may find surprising.

O as in obese

Obesity related healthcare costs will increase from $48 to $66 billion per year by 2030

Psychiatric elopement

It’s not just a matter of winning litigation. It’s doing our best to care for those entrusted to us.

Simply safe

A recent NIOSH study revealed that health care workers were not using respiratory protection properly. 98 hospitals and 1,500 personnel were involved. Personnel were watched while putting on and taking ...

FDA recalls and updates

Recalls recently issued by the FDA.

Flakka and friends

The National Institute on Drug Abuse issues an updated fact sheet regarding such drugs in January of this year.