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Why Buy Therapeutic Riding Insurance?

Find out why you need therapeutic riding insurance, and how it can help protect your business.

Why Buy Markel High Performance Boat Insurance?

Learn more about why it's important to have the right coverage for you and your high performance boat, and how Markel Specialty can help.


View additional information that might be helpful to your cattle and livestock business.

Discounted Services

IntelliCorp is pleased to offer Markel Specialty clients the tools to help make responsible and informed hiring decisions. Our comprehensive background check services let you screen applicants to help minimize ...

Wedding Insurance Coverages

Markel's wedding cancellation insurance helps you recover costs when your wedding is cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.
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Why Buy Camp insurance?

Find out why you need camp insurance, and how it can help protect your camp and campers when you need it most.

If you're involved in an accident

Even the best defensive driving tips will not prevent all accidents. If you happen to be involved in an accident, follow a few simple rules.

Dangerous conditions

Defensive driving tactics often require you to understand dangerous conditions and how to react to them when you are on the road.

Watch out for fatigue

Defensive driving requires you to know and understand the dangers of driving while overly tired or fatigued.

Cyber security and what you need to know

A glimpse into data security, and some concrete suggestions to help you do your job even better.

Happy new year?

The good news is according to the CDC life expectancy has hit a new high of 78.8 years. Women live an average of 81.2 years and men 76.4. The top ...

CNN Special Report presents - Ambulance safety

Visit our page to learn more about ambulance safety and our Arrive Alive & Do No Harm training.


It is estimated that Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) is currently in use by 4.1% of EMS agencies and 21.7% are considering implementation.


How to protect yourself, treat and decontaminate your patients.

Leasing your facility can cost you money

By leasing your facilities to outside third parties without being listed as an additional insured on their policy, you bear the cost of any injuries that occur during their event.

NRHA Euro Futurity

Join us in Italy for the NRHA Euro Futurity on March 30th.

Safe transport of children

In order to transport children safely we rely on specialized equipment.