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Suddenly in command

If there was a sudden emergency on your boat, and you were suddenly in charge to get the boat back shore, would you know what to do? Markel helps explore ...

Developing disaster recovery plans for small businesses

Developing a disaster recovery plan for your small business can help you to mitigate potential losses and prepare for manmade or natural disasters.

Ambulance specific safety programs

In order to keep practitioners, patients and the general public safe we must have an organized structure which gives us the skillset and tools to recognize risk, assess its severity, ...

Cyber security and what you need to know

A glimpse into data security, and some concrete suggestions to help you do your job even better.

Don't be these ways

To create a workplace that fosters information sharing, we must eliminate the four "don't be these ways": bad manners, bullying, burnout and blues.

Emerging issues in technology

The decision to implement medical technology is driven by medical control and regulatory bodies. However, we as healthcare professionals carry the burden of dealing with exposures created by the use ...

Exertional heat stroke

Review the risk factors for exertional heat stroke.

A culture of safety

Injury prevention will not occur unless those in harms way exercise vigilance and acquire the skills to protect themselves.

Does marijuana confuse you

The Workers Compensation Research Institute published as study last May that was based on 264,000 workers’ compensation claims. The study population was in 25 states. There were 1.5 million prescriptions ...