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Safety communications

Equestrian facilities present their own unique hazards. With a multitude of equipment and machinery, there are endless ways for injury to occur on the farm.

Drive safely on wet roads

Reasons to drive carefully when operating a vehicle during wet weather conditions.

Key questions a parent should ask of a camp - Courtesy of Praesidium

As your evaluating camps for your children, make sure to ask some specific questions of the camp to ensure the camp takes abuse prevention seriously.

Enhancing your center's security plan

Ways organizations can enhance their security efforts.

Driving hazards

By understanding what these are before you get behind the wheel, you can help prevent accidents and injuries while driving.


What is event insurance and what do event insurance companies cover? Learn how getting insurance for an event from Markel can give you peace of mind.
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FDA recalls and updates

Recalls recently issued by the FDA.

Flakka and friends

The National Institute on Drug Abuse issues an updated fact sheet regarding such drugs in January of this year.

General effects of work settings and organizational factors on EMS provider

Organizational and environmental considerations for influencing operator alertness, fatigue, and performance of EMS operations.

Mental health considerations

Nine essential elements for driver safety programs.

Liability issues with ride alongs

The decision to have ride-alongs requires due diligence that considers the risks and benefits of such activities.

Poker run safety

Before you sign up for a boat poker run read these Marine Insurance specialist safety tips. Markel has 30+ years of boat insurance expertise!

Why safe boating is important

Be safe out there! Read stories of people that have pushed the boundaries of boating safety. Enjoy boating by becoming a better operator.

Information Request

Contact Markel for more information about insurance solutions available for your investment advisor business.
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The importance of taking a boat driving course

Relying on your boating experience isnt enough to stay safe. Play it safe and learn about the importance of taking a boat driving course here!

Little mice lead to big problems

Tips for cleaning up areas where mice are.

Protecting your business property from loss

Actions to protect your business from other potential damage.

Don’t let water damage bring down the curtain on your business 

Reduce the likelihood of a water loss destroying your property and having an adverse impact on your business.

News and views, Vol. 1

New from Markel Programs in 2016 is this brief newsletter to bring you up to date on news at Markel Corporation and Markel Programs.

Preparing safe food

Easy-to-follow recommendation to support compliance with CDC and FDA guidelines.