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Safe driving on superhighways

Get recommended techniques for freeway driving from Markel Specialty.

ATV Insurance FAQs

Markel provides the answers to your most frequently asked questions about ATV and UTV insurance.
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Deer in the headlights

Deer season gives us a great opportunity to practice our defensive driving skills.

Keep Your Gym Injury Free

Tips to prevent gymnastics injuries.

Don’t let water damage bring down the curtain on your business 

Reduce the likelihood of a water loss destroying your property and having an adverse impact on your business.

Bicycle Insurance Coverage

We know you and your bike deserve the best bicycle insurance coverage, find out what makes Markel bicycle insurance different!
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Safety Focus - Driving and motor vehicle safety

Learn more about driving and motor vehicle safety along with other current accident prevention information.

A look at claims

Steps you can take to help reduce most frequent claims.

Child Development and Recreation Insurance

Insurance solutions for in-home and commercial child care centers, camps, education and youth services programs. We've been insuring businesses that care for America's youth for decades, and we understand the ...

Senior Community Center & Disability Services Insurance

Learn more about Markel's insurance options for senior activity centers, community centers, diability support groups, behavioral treatment centers, and visually and hearing impaired service operations.

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Applications by Program

Markel Specialty applications by program.

Fire evacuation - What you need to know

Proactive steps before and during an evacuation to reduce anxiety and avoid injuries.

Water sensors to mitigate property losses

Smart technology and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are helping to mitigate water leaks and drive down the cost of water-related damages.

Blood-borne pathogens precautions

Standard precautions to prevent blood-borne pathogens.

Cattle Farm and Ranch Insurance

Learn more about Markel's cattle farm and ranch insurance program.

Information Request

Contact Markel for more information about insurance solutions available for your investment advisor business.
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Taking accident prevention to the next level

Utilizing historical data is an analytical way an organization can develop strategies to help achieve an accident free goal.

Bleacher safety

Safety protocols to help keep bleachers a viable seating alternative for club members.

Controlling wildland fire exposures

Fire protection plans should address four zones around a property.