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Everything costs more: potential inflationary impacts on property claims costs

Recent economic inflation is driving up repair costs and replacement costs, threatening to leave property owners underinsured.

Managing high injury rates for new and inexperienced workers

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one-third of work-related, nonfatal injuries occur in employees who have been on the job less than a year.

Successor in interest issues: thoughts on potential coverage implications

Depending on the circumstances and jurisdiction, the legal defense costs of a non-insured corporate acquirer may not be covered by the insurance policy of the acquiree.

3 factors influencing the work comp insurance market in 2022

The workers compensation insurance market remains strong despite experiencing an eighth straight year of rate decreases.

Insurance pricing for small business requires more effective underwriting strategies

While the availability of data continues to increase, it is also crucial that carriers translate this growing wealth of information into meaningful underwriting action.

To improve diversity, the insurance industry needs to demonstrate its dynamism

By expanding our horizons on recruiting and branding, we can foster a more innovative, dynamic industry.

How evolving ESG considerations are impacting professional liability coverages

Environmental, social, and governance considerations are having an increasing impact on how companies invest to do business sustainably.

Shareholder board diversity: New legal and legislative challenges

As many corporations publicly express their commitment to gender and racial diversity, some shareholders have filed lawsuits alleging companies are failing to achieve diversity at the executive leadership and board levels. Learn how litigation and legislation could impact future D&O (directors and officers) underwriting decisions.

The construction community faces growing risks related to climate change

The growth in climate-related incidents related to the impacts of climate change has placed new risk management demands on the construction industry.

Rising construction costs pose major insurance challenges—especially in catastrophe season

Property damage losses and construction liability costs can deliver a potential blow to insureds and the construction industry as the 2021 catastrophe season develops.

Up next: hyper social inflation?

Social inflation in the time of COVID—Is the pandemic distracting casualty insurers from the bigger threat? Social inflation in the time of COVID—Is the pandemic distracting casualty insurers from the bigger threat?

Backseat drivers of nuclear outcomes: litigation financing and letters of protection

These arrangements are here to stay for the foreseeable future, and they are making cases more difficult—and sometimes impossible—to resolve pre-trial.

Cross-laminated timber construction

With its positive attributes of being a strong, lightweight, and sustainable building product that speeds up the construction process, CLT is gaining worldwide popularity.

Underwriting impacts: Today’s macro risk issues and how the industry needs to handle them

While the insurance industry will always face risks and challenges, the current risk environment may be the most challenging in 45 years, with multiple macro risk issues going on at the same time.

Technology as an enabler of the claims process

When dealing with complex claims, it’s essential to consider the role of technology through the lens of human interaction.

Confronting the challenge of undervaluation

While catastrophes account for the most dramatic examples, the valuation gap goes beyond catastrophes alone.

Addressing non-affirmative cyber

"Silent cyber"—known as policies that do not clearly state whether cyber risk coverage is included—has become a growing area of concern in the insurance industry.

Coming to terms with climate change risk in casualty insurance

Casualty insurers must prepare and develop modeling tools to mitigate the very real potential for systemic and clash events arising out of climate change.

Punitive damages: Facts, fictions, and feasibility of obtaining insurance coverage

While punitive damages are available in most types of civil litigation, the focus of this article, particularly when discussing jury awards, is primarily on personal injury litigation.