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Initial guidelines for sustaining EMS provider alertness and managing fatigue in EMS operations

Organizational and environmental factors that play important roles in preventing or mitigating worker fatigue and offer guidelines for sustaining EMS provider on-the-job alertness.

Motor Fleet safety

Nine essential elements for driver safety programs.

Workplace hazards

Learn more about the different dangers in the work environment.

Tragedy prevention

Strategies the may help prevent EMS burnout and depression.

Why Do I Need Insurance For My Restaurant?

Find out why Markel's business insurance is the coverage you need to help protect your restaurant.
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Take safety with you on vacation

“Easy does it” is the rule for vacation time. Peace of mind enhances the enjoyment of traveling more than frantic pressure to cover more miles with little appreciation of the ...

Preventing martial arts injuries

There are a number of factors to consider when addressing injury prevention techniques in martial arts.

Construction work zone

Drivers who have no problems in routine driving may encounter them where road construction or repair is under way.

New perspectives for the new year, part 2

The most common categories of EMS professional injuries.

Lights and sirens: Who's the boss?

Emergency Vehicle Operators (EVOs) rely on dispatchers to give them information to help them make safe driving decisions.

Hosting community dances

Unique benefits of dances open to the public.

Preventing abuse— by design

Recommendations to reduce abuse allegations.

Toy safety

Tips for selecting safe toys.

Tips on protecting yourself from yourself

General tips on what to do when confronted with an injury to a child.

Space heater safety

Safe usage recommendations for portable electric heaters.

Insurance Coverage for Your Service Business

Find out what coverages Markel Specialty offers for your processing and services operation. Get insurance protection from the small business experts today.
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Why Buy Civic & Social Advocacy Organization Insurance?

Find out why you need civic & social advocacy organization insurance, and how it can help protect your organization.

Private Horse Owner Liablity Insurance Coverages

Learn more about Markel's private horse owner liablity insurance coverage and how it can help protect you.
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Maintain your tires for safety

Key areas for safe tire maintenance.

The essential toolkit for your boat

Make sure you're prepared for emergency repairs with a carefully packed boat tool kit.