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Boys and girls club insurance

You can get all of your program insurance coverage--at an affordable price--from one source: Markel Specialty, an industry leader in insurance programs for youth recreation organizations.

Horse and Farm FAQs

Horse and farm property and liability frequently asked questions.

Museums & Fine Arts Insurance Coverages

Learn more about Markel's museums & fine arts insurance coverage and how it can help protect your work's of art.
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Why Do I Need Insurance For My Rod & Gun Club?

Find out why you need insurance coverage for your rod & gun club.
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Why Buy Yacht Insurance?

Learn more about why yacht insurance is an important coverage to have, and how Markel can help protect your Yacht.

Licensed Producer Form

Register for mPortal as a licensed producer and become eligible for the Markel Rewards program.

Markel Personal Lines Prospective Agent Form

Complete this form to inquire about becoming an appointed agent with Markel Specialty.

Insurance Safety Guides

Download our free comprehensive safety guides which will give you tips and tools to keep your business and your clients safe from danger.

Event Planner & Venue Resources

Event planners and venues will find everything they need to provide Markel's easy-to-buy special event and wedding insurance to their clients!
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Additional Camp Resources

Markel Specialty is committed to providing the tools you need to help put Safety 1st at your camp.

Why Buy Civic & Social Advocacy Organization Insurance?

Find out why you need civic & social advocacy organization insurance, and how it can help protect your organization.

How to Report a Claim

File a claim online, by phone, or by email. Learn about important steps to take when filing your claim, and what to expect during the process.

File a Claim

Learn more about the process to file an animal or horse mortality claim with Markel Specialty.

Why Buy Gymnastics Insurance?

Find out why you need gymnastics insurance, and how it can help protect gymnastics studio when you need it.
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Why Buy Cheer Gym insurance?

Top reasons why you need insurance for your cheerleading gym.
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High Performance Boat Insurance Application

Complete the online application to receive a high performance boat insurance quote.

Wedding Insurance Coverages

Markel can help cover you if a guest is injured, the venue's property is damaged, or you lose deposits if your wedding is cancelled or postponed. Get these coverages and ...
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Medical transportation applications

Get applications for a rate quote on insurance for your medical transportation business, with Markel Specialty.

Get a quote

Get a quote for your show animal club with Markel Specialty
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Why Do I Need Insurance For My Organization?

Find out why you might need Markel's coverage for your environmental, conservation, or wildlife organization.