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OSHA’s bloodborne pathogens standards: A school’s responsibility for compliance 

Get tips for keeping your staff and your students safe from blood borne pathogens with this important information from Markel Specialty.

Parking lot security 

Parking lots can be some of the most dangerous areas for crime at the workplace, and it's important to keep your staff safe. Learn how you can reduce your risk...

Bleacher safety

Depending on their age, maintenance, and height, bleachers may require additional safety protocols to help keep them a viable seating alternative for school attendees.

Schools targeted for sensitive data breach: Protecting valuable information from data breach

Data breach is quickly becoming one of the most talked about areas where businesses and schools are at risk for major financial loss.

Preventing theft in school environments 

As most educators are aware the more time you have spent in a school environment the more likely it is that you will have experienced an accident at the school,...

Reinforcing social media and cellphone policies

Inappropriate contact through social media and unauthorized cellphone communications, such as texting, can often lead to allegations of abuse.

Wrongful termination 

Due to the increase in employment laws over the years, rapidly growing technology, social media, and other factors, employment practices liability claims are on the rise.

School inspection guidelines 

To reduce the risk of an incident or accident, it is important to plan for regularly scheduled inspections. Markel Specialty offers useful guidance on how to implement these policies.

Rainy day back up plan for outdoor weddings

Don't worry about rain on your wedding day! Markel helps you create an outdoor wedding rain plan to make sure things go off without a hitch!

Top 10 honeymoon destinations

Check out our top ten honeymoon destinations--From tropical islands to hiking in the Grand Canyon, you'll find the best honeymoon destinations here!

Guidelines for a school safety program 

Guidelines to compare a school's existing safety program features to see if they meet minimal standards.

Tips for traveling with your wedding dress

Planning a destination wedding? Find out how to keep your dress in top condition with Markel's tips on traveling or flying with your wedding dress!

Why more couples are choosing wedding insurance

Wondering if you need a wedding insurance policy? Read 6 reasons why you should choose Markel Wedding Insurance for your peace of mind.

Tips to dress up your wedding reception tables

Simple tips and ideas for creating memorable and elegant wedding centerpieces for your reception.

5 etiquette tips for your engagement

Congratulations on your engagement! Before you shout it from the rooftops, we have some pointers to help you make the most out of this exhilarating time.

40 questions to ask your cake designer

The wedding cake will be the centerpiece of your reception--This list of 40 questions for your wedding bakery will help make sure you get exactly what you want!

Plan a perfect reception your wedding guests will never forget

Planning a wedding doesn't end with the ceremony. Wedding decorations, wedding favors & more are vital for the perfect wedding reception. Find tips here!

5 ideas to make your wedding more memorable

Planning a wedding that is fun and memorable is a tough task. Markel offers 5 things to keep in mind when planning your wedding so it is memorable and enjoyable...

Tips to help keep kids safe and entertained at your wedding

Learn 8 easy tips to help kids at weddings stay safe and entertained! From wedding games and activities to safety tips--children at weddings will have a great time!

8 easy ways to prevent your gifts from being stolen

In the process of wedding reception planning, consider how to keep your wedding gifts safe during the event. These tips will help you prevent theft.