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Susan Costantini

Meet Susan Constantini, Markel horse insurance specialist since 2005.

Frank Costantini

Meet Frank Constantini, Markel horse insurance specialist since 1995.

Tammy Hill

Meet Tammy Hill, Markel horse insurance specialist since 2016.

Chloe Lawrence

Meet Chloe Lawrence, Markel horse insurance specialist since 2014.

Jeff Tebow

Meet Jeff Tebow, Markel horse insurance specialist since 2010.

Debbie Kail

Meet Debbie Kail, Markel horse insurance specialist since 2000.

Ryan Kail

Meet Ryan Kail, Markel horse insurance specialist since 2005.

Jet Ski Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Markel's FAQs to discover why Markel offers the best jet ski insurance!
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Small Business Insurance Coverage Options

Learn more about Markel Specialty's customized insurance solutions and how they can protect your buisness.

Small Business Insurance Coverages

Learn more about Markel's insurance coverage options and how they can help protect your buisness.

PayGo Payroll Reporting

PayGo Payroll Reporting has become the billing plan of choice for workers compensation policy holders of all industries.

Coverage and Claims Information

We know you have lots of questions on insurance coverage when it comes to how COVID-19 is affecting them.


Our sports and fitness insurance experts answer the most frequently asked questions about insurance coverage for your health club.
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Anytime Fitness

Our health club insurance program for Anytime Fitness is designed to meet the coverage needs of franchise owners just like you!
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Billing Information

Markel understands that our policyholders are facing significant obstacles and may find it difficult to immediately pay insurance premiums.

Certificate of Insurance Request

Use this form to request a certificate of insurance for your existing health club insurance policy, from Markel Specialty.
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Additional Information

Our Risk Solution Services team has pulled together several resources to help you adapt to your current situation or prepare for the next steps.

How to Report a Claim

File a claim online, by phone, or by email. Learn about important steps to take when filing your claim, and what to expect during the process.

File a Claim

Learn more about the process to file an animal or horse mortality claim with Markel Specialty.