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Insurance Safety Videos

Watch these helpful videos about the risks your business faces every day. Find out how you can prevent losses upfront by completing employee background checks, and learn about the ways ...

Injured Workers

Injured at work? Does your employer carry Markel Specialty's Workers Compensation coverage? Use these resources to access information about processing your medical expenses quickly and efficiently with our provider programs.
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Commercial Daycare Insurance

Learn more about Markel's insurance options for commercial child care centers, before and after school programs, nursery schools, and preschools.

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Get a quote for your horse farm and ranch with the horse experts, Markel Specialty.
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Get a quote for your rod and gun club with Markel Specialty
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Markel Personal Lines Prospective Agent Form

Complete this form to inquire about becoming an appointed agent with Markel Specialty.

Camp security planning – Steps you can take to support your security efforts

Ways to establish a better camp security plan or enrich the one they currently have in place.

Martial Arts Insurance

Learn more about Markel's insurance options for Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Kickboxing studios and much more. Get a free quote online in minutes.
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Martial arts loss control news - Vol. 1, 2019

Understanding what exposures martial arts schools might face helps to better defend against them.

Filing Event Insurance Claims

Need to file an event insurance claim on your Markel Event insurance policy? It's simple--fill out our form online and get started now!
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Marine Insurance Quotes

35+ years of marine insurance expertise. Comprehensive insurance coverage customized to your needs. Get a specialized boat insurance quote today!

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Dogs and children at camp --keeping it a positive experience

Risk and benefits of bring animals and children together.

Proper supervision leads the way to safety

Key points for playground supervision.

Use space heaters wisely

Tips that will help you get the best and safest results from your portable electric space heater.


Questions to ask before hiring a pest control firm.

Keeping club sports safe with supervision

One cause of litigation frequently associated with youth sports related claims is a lack of supervision by coaches and staff.

Curriculum and lesson planning – risk management tips

When progressions are utilized, learning becomes easier, safer and within the boundaries of the legal duty professional instructors are required to follow

Minimize your rental risks

Taking the following steps can help you to protect your organization.