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Marine Insurance Quotes

35+ years of marine insurance expertise. Comprehensive insurance coverage customized to your needs. Get a specialized boat insurance quote today!

Agriculture and Farm

Learn more about affordable insurance solutions for horse farms, cattle ranches, traditional famrs, vineyars, wineries and more.

Equine & Livestock Insurance

Learn more about Markel Specialty's insurance coverage options for equine and livestock from the specialists you trust.

Insurance for Educational Businesses

Protect your tutoring center, music school, computer training famility, Montessori school, alternative education school, commercial child care center and more with customized insurance policies by Markel Specialty.

Insurance for Medical Businesses

Learn more about Markel Specialty's customized insurance solutions for hospital fleets, ambulance services, and a wide variety of medical offices.
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Small Business Insurance

Protect your business from lawsuits, property damage, and more with Markel Specialty's insurance solutions. We've been protecting America's small businesses for decades. Contact a Markel agent today to learn more ...
Related to: Ambulance,   Camp,   Cattle farm and ranch,   Cheer gym,   Civic and social advocacy organizations,   Commercial child care,   Commercial equine operation,   Community food services,   Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities,   Contractors,   Convenience and grocery,   Dance,   Educational services,   Emergency and other relief services,   Environmental, conservation, and wildlife organizations,   Traditional farm and ranch,   Farrier,   Grant-making foundations,   Gymnastics,   Health clubs,   Horse club and association,   Horse farm and ranch,   Hospital fleet,   Hunting and fishing lodge,   Child care in-home,   Other individual and family services,   Janitorial services,   Lawn care,   Marine business,   Martial arts,   Medical offices,   Museums and fine arts,   Offices,   Outfitter and guide,   Personal trainer,   Pest control,   Processing and services,   Residential mental health and substance abuse facilities,   Restaurants and eateries,   Retail,   Riding instructor and horse trainer,   Social and intramural activities,   Temporary shelters,   Therapeutic riding center,   Vocational rehabilitation services,   Wholesale and Distribution,   Winery and vineyard,   Youth programs and educational services,   Youth recreation,   + 44 more

Miscellaneous Errors and Omissions Coverage

Markel Specialty's miscellaneous E&O protects many types of small businesses and individuals such as business consultants, expert witnesses, travel agents, photographers, teachers, collection agencies, social workers, even advertising agencies. With ...

Gym, Fitness, & Healthclub Insurance

Markel Specialty's health club insurance is designed to meet the needs of health clubs, fitness studios, and gyms, whether for a small studio or a large fitness club.

Gymnastics Insurance

Learn more about Markel Specialty's insurance options for gymnastic schools, and get a quote online.
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Pest Control Insurance

Learn about Markel Specialty's insurance options for pest control and termite operations, wildlife control, lawn spraying and fumigation operations.
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Commercial and Residential Services Insurance

Business insurance solutions built specifically for residential contractors, janitorial services, lawn care and pest control professionals.

Cheer Gym and Cheerleading Insurance

Learn more about Markel Specialty's insurance options for your cheerleading gym, and get a quote online.
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Senior Community Center & Disability Services Insurance

Learn more about Markel's insurance options for senior activity centers, community centers, diability support groups, behavioral treatment centers, and visually and hearing impaired service operations.

Business Insurance

For almost 90 years, Markel Specialty has been building custom insurance policies to meet the needs of a wide range of small businesses.

Insurance for small businesses

Markel specializes in insurance protection for a wide variety of main street businesses, including groceries, convenience stores, restaurants, medical offices, retail operations, professional services, distributors and much, much more.

Outdoor Program Insurance

Learn more about Markel's insurance options for rod and gun clubs, and fishing and hunting lodges and plantations.