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Community Services Insurance Coverages

Learn about the coverage options available to help protect your community service related business with Markel Specialty. Get liability, property, and other important insurance protection options, designed specifically for businesses ...

Businessowners Policy (BOP)

Get important insurance protection for your business with a Businessowners policy from Markel Specialty. This package policy combines commercial property insurance and commercial liability insurance into one convenient and affordable ...

Get A Catte Farm & Ranch Quote

Get a quote for your cattle farm and ranch with Markel Specialty

Why Buy Civic & Social Advocacy Organization Insurance?

Find out why you need civic & social advocacy organization insurance, and how it can help protect your organization.

Why buy cattle farm and ranch insurance

Find out why you need cattle farm and ranch insurance, and how it can protect your buisness when you need it most.

Martial Arts Insurance Coverages

Learn more about the coverage Markel's martial arts insurance program can provide your business.
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About Us

Learn more about Markel Specialty & what sets our company apart from the others when it comes to specialty business and personal insurance policies.

Why Buy Insurance for Senior Community Centers?

Markel covers the top reasons why you need insurance coverage for Senior Community Center & Disability Services Insurance.

Coverage for Educational Schools and Facilities

Find out more about coverage options that are available to help protect your school, tutoring center, or educational facility with Markel Specialty.
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Cattle and Livestock Mortality Insurance Coverages

Learn more about Markel's cattle and livestock mortality insurance coverage.

Why Do I Need Commercial Daycare Insurance?

Learn more about our commercial child care insurance coverages, including specific features that can help protect your business.

Why Buy Farrier Liability Insurance?

Find out why you need farrier liablity insurance.
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Horse Mortality Insurance Coverages

Learn more about horse mortality coverages offered by Markel.
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Why Buy Vocational Rehabilitation Service Insurance?

Find out why it's important to have insurnace coverage for your job counceling/training or vocational rehabilitation service, and how Markel can help.

Why Buy Museums & Fine Arts Insurance?

Find out why you need Marke's museums & fine arts insurance to protect your Jewelery, art, and museums galleries.
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Jet Ski Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Markel's FAQs to discover why Markel offers the best jet ski insurance!

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Commercial Daycare Insurance Coverages

Learn more about Markel's insurance options for commercial daycare and child care centers.

Anytime Fitness

Our health club insurance program for Anytime Fitness is designed to meet the coverage needs of franchise owners just like you!

Ambulance Insurance Coverages

Learn more about available coverage options for private and for-profit emergency ambulance services.
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